About Flyrish

I should have cropped my toes out.

What exactly is Flyrish? Who does this lady think she is?

Flyrish = Filipino + Irish + wannabe Fly Girl

Flyrish = Mama + Wife + Writer + Style Seeker + Mixtape Maker + Vegetarian + SF Bay Area Native + New Homeowner + Dancer + Pisces (It goes on, but I will stop here to prevent eyes glazing over from the infinite mathematical formula that is me. Why am I doing this? I don't even like math.)

Flyrish = Micheline aka Michie (me-she)

What about the foibles?

Foibles, flaws, we all have them. I enjoy highlighting and making fun of mine.

And what's the deal with the alliterations?

I like alliterations. My mom was a Language Arts teacher and my sister is currently an English teacher. I'm just a nerd. I have a hard time not using alliterations (see blog post titles) if they seem to fit. But I will try not to rely too heavily on them. They can be clearly corny. Ah, I am cursed.