Monday, January 07, 2013

I Live Four You: Happy 4th Birthday, Q!

"Sunshine baby, drivin' me crazy" ~ Clout

I used to sing that song to you. I still sing it to you from time to time. Little did I know that four years later it would be so apropos. You are my sunshine baby. My first born. My one and only son/sun. You light up my life. You're no longer my little baby, though. And you certainly have found ways to drive me crazy. You're my very own Sour Patch Kid. First you're sour and then you're sweet and then you're sour, probably more sour, a little more sour and then you're incredibly sweet. You make life more interesting, that's for sure.

His lashes!
So apparently as you turn 4, Q stands for 20 questions because you're a little reporter with your "who's that? what's that for? why? which one?" and on and on and on and on and on and on . . .
It can drive us batty, but your curiosity is most awesome.

You're becoming a great big brother. Not that you don't have a ways to go. You still push and hit and take her toys. But you're starting to say sorry more and sharing more every day. And you're protective of her--you insisted we leave the park by the Bay the other day because "ZoZo might fall in the water." You don't like when other kids mess with her either. You always tell people that you have a baby, that you're playing with Zoe, that Zoe's here, that you have a sister!

You love a good chase. You also have a penchant for all things scary. Halloween is your favorite. But you like any occasion that features treats. All you want for your birthday is chocolate cupcakes with candles on it that you can blow out. Wish granted, baby.

What I'm still coming to terms with is that I've been a mama for four whole years now. You're growing into a little man and I'm growing into a mother. We're both still learning and still making a boatload of mistakes. But mostly I'm still feeling in awe over your every little accomplishment.  You've had some struggles and so when I see you overcoming something--something as small as telling your teachers about a toy you have at home when you once struggled with the words--my heart fills my throat and I become a big ol' pile of ridiculous.  I love you so much that it hurts. You've made me evaluate myself more than anyone or anything in this world. And I truly do love you for it.

Quincy, it's your 4th birthday today. Happy Birthday, Quincy!