Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zoe, You're 1 of a Kind!

"I love you, baby, trust in me when I say it's okay" ~ Lauryn Hill

I refuse to believe that today is the day. That you have been in my life for an entire year already. For only a year now. Forever and hardly at all. My heart aches more than expected because you are very nearly a toddler. Your infancy has cruised right out the front door. You are becoming more and more your own independent lady. Which probably seems ridiculous to most at only one year old. Just 12 months. But I'm already starting to see the ways in which you will go your own way.

Along with cutting a few teeth, you've amassed an impressive amount of accomplishments in the last 12 months. You love to eat and get pretty worked up when you see me eating something that I'm not sharing with you immediately. You know how to sign "more" and even attempt to say it on occasion, but you'd rather bellyache your way into getting more. You have a few good words under your belt and try to say Elroy ("elyelyelyel"), which is most awesome. You crawl and climb and cruise and downward dog and are way more mobile than your brother was at this age, so I'm constantly in awe and in a state of panic.

While you have yet to grow much hair, the hair you do have looks like spun gold. I'm sure you find it amusing when I attempt to fasten a clip to those tiny strands, but just bear with me. I'm not one for those poufy headbands. Also, how the heck did I get another golden-haired child? Dominant traits, schmominant traits. Your bright hazel eyes are filled with so much wonder and you watch and mimic and watch some more. It's incredible to witness your daily discoveries.

It's tough to not be with you for the majority of most days. Sometimes I feel sick about it, and your clingy-ness when I'm home fills me with an odd blend of guilt and gratefulness. I was very lucky to have spent so much QT with Q in his first year. We had plenty of time to bond. But I'm just glad that you want to be close to me when I am home. Even if it can get challenging. Even when you shriek and cry giant crocodile tears when I leave the room just for a moment.

But as you grow older, you grow more confident in your abilities. You leave the bedroom we're in to tackle the staircase. You head into the dark bathroom and straight to Elroy's litter box. Oh yes, you keep me on my strangely flexible toes (which of course you've inherited). You splash and explore in the bathtub and the kiddie pool without fear. You want to do whatever your big brother is doing, despite him pushing you out of his way repeatedly. You read yourself books and "talk on the phone" with whatever is handy.

Thank you for making the last year so beautiful, my little ZoZo. It's hard to imagine life without you and I look forward to many more years of celebrating your special day. I love you more with every moment.

Zoe, it's your 1st birthday. Happy Birthday, Zoe!