Saturday, August 11, 2012

ZZ To The Top: Zoe's 11 Month Day

"You've got to move, you've got to move"~ Santogold

Hello Zo Zo! It's been a while since I've written you from this venue. Let's just say I've let life catch up to me. Sorry for skipping the big 10 month day post-- you know that we still celebrated in our own silly way. And life keeps speeding by and you're 11 months old now. What the what?!

So a lot has happened in the past couple of months. Not only do you crawl now like your tiny booty is on fire, but you're pulling up to standing on the regular. You've gone ahead and made like Tom and started cruising around a bit. You're so proud of yourself, and your dad and I are proud too. As if we have something to do with these milestones. 

I like to think that your first word was "mama" or "mum mum mum" but that's apparently up for debate. You also say "go go go" as we run around with wands playing Harry Potter with Q. You may have said "daddy" once or twice. And in the past few days you've started saying "ball" in a ridiculously adorable voice. 

You're a champion eater and are thrilled to finally be partaking in all of our family meals. You prefer feeding yourself, grabbing the spoon after being fed a couple of bites, so we typically give you lots of finger foods. Favorites include peas, carrots, zucchini, blueberries, TJ's O's, avocado, rice and black beans. You do not like bananas and are still considering cheese and yogurt. You still nurse or drink a bottle of breastmilk 4-5 times a day, but those teeny sharp teeth can hurt something fierce when you clamp down. Which reminds me, you now have three teeth and I think the fourth is not far behind.

I'm having such a blast watching you grow and your face light up as you discover something new that thrills you. You're so very observant, always watching the world with interest. Always watching your brother go wild. Loving his goofiness and not loving the way he snatches toys out of your hands. You, Daddy and Q kick off the evening regularly with dance parties, which you adore. You kick your legs and throw one of your hands up. I love walking in from work and joining the festivities. Keep dancing, baby girl! I promise not to be one of those scary stage moms.

You're 11 months old today. Just one more month until you're a year old. No need to rush through these last days of monthdom. Happy 11 month day, Zoe! I love your face, your toes, your arms, your scent, your barely-there hair, your voice, your laugh . . . well, every bit of you.