Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Bye Bye, Baby (aka I lost my youth in 2012)

"Get it together, see what's happening" ~ Beastie Boys

It's been a tough week. Aside from the whole fam being sick (as if that's something new and different), I've learned via Facebook (because that is sadly my news source of late) that we've lost two great men that remind me of very different times in my days of yore.

MCA of the Beastie Boys passed away on Friday and, upon hearing the news, my heart dropped to my stomach. He was one of those guys who seemed like he'd always be around, probably still dropping records at 72, still making the rest of us look lame in comparison. I remember the first time I watched a Beastie Boys video on MTV, sitting on my parents' bed in awe of their antics. I was about 9 or 10 and they were more than memorable. I immediately believed in their coolness. And they made appearances at key moments in my life from then on. Like when my best friend and I used to listen to Ill Communication on repeat in her car in high school. Like when I was in Puerto Vallarta for our graduation trip and the clubs had "Girls" and "Brass Monkey" on constant rotation even though the songs were several years old. Or when T and I went to see the Beastie Boys at the Oracle Arena when Mixmaster Mike opened for them. When I heard about MCA dying from cancer-related causes, of course I thought about my mom and the ugliness of that disease taking too many of the good ones from us too soon. 

Then, today I heard about Maurice Sendak, which of course takes me further into my youth. But he's also very much in my present. Just last night Q and I read Where the Wild Things Are and we named all of the wild things. There was Stuart and Gretchen and Hank. Oh, and Birdie. Maybe they really do have names, but we had our own fun. One of my favorite Christmas memories is discovering his version of The Nutcracker. I don't remember who gave it to me or to my family, but it was just there one day among the Christmas books. I devoured that thick picture book, relishing in the elaborate illustrations and detailed backstory. And T and I started our own Christmas tradition of sitting his Max doll atop our tree every year because he shines so much brighter than your average star. While Maurice Sendak lived until 83, it's still very sad to say goodbye to such a brilliant light. Someone who celebrate childhood with such a, well . . . wild rumpus. 

Rest in peace, MCA.

Rest in peace, Maurice Sendak.

Thank you for all of your artistry and for creating such beautiful memories. 


  1. YES! Wonderful post! I listened to "Get it Together" over the weekend...definitely one of the all time favs. ;)

    1. So reminds of our high school days, Red. Such great memories!

  2. really bummed on the loss of MCA. Great post as usual, cuz. I believe I was at that same Beasties in the Round show if I recall. Though most of the Beasties show I hit were as blurry then as they are now. I only know that I always had a great time and was stoked basking in their coolness.

    1. That's right -- Beastie Boys in the round! Awesome show.