Friday, March 16, 2012

R&B and Rain Themes

"Blame it on the rain that was falling, falling" ~ Milli Vanilli

Aside from quoting the most profound songwriters of our time, I've been a bit preoccupied lately. I'm just finishing the first week at my new job, adjusting to the new demands of the workday and a new schedule, and seeing my family less. All the while it's rained more than it has the entire winter. It's as if Mother Nature decided to save all of her winter up until the very end of the season just to psyche us out. But of course I think it all coincides a little too perfectly with this huge transition in my life.

There's always a touch of bitterness when encountering the sweetness of an opportunity to move your life forward. You mourn for the life you once had. Even when change is what you craved. Because the adjustment can be challenging.  Oh, how I miss my babies every day. How I doubt my abilities in my new position. How my heart races when I'm stuck in traffic trying to get home to feed my loves. And the rain tumbles from the grey sky.

But then you realize that the rain is washing away the old to make way for the new. A simple cleansing process. A spring cleaning, if you will. It's uncomfortable and cold and wet and windy. It doesn't do your hair any favors. Is it too late in the season to buy rainboots? Should I just weather the storm in my old gear and wait for the deluge to give way to sandal season? You know, I should go ahead and buy a decent pair. There will always be rainy days in my future. It's a worthy investment. Preparing for that in-between time.

While this week has been challenging and I've come close to questioning my decision, I know in my heart of hearts that all of the struggle is worth it. Yes, New Edition and Missy Elliot, I can stand the rain. Rather, I'll try to pay closer attention to it. In the end, I know that the sun will find its way out from behind the clouds. But sometimes it's looking back at what happened before the sunburst that makes the moment that much more enjoyable.

In other words, I survived my first week at the new job. Woo hoo!

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  1. I love the metaphor of the rain. Congratulations on surviving your first week! That's awesome. I'm sure things will settle down with time.