Sunday, March 11, 2012

Peekaboo, Pretty Baby: Zoe's 6 Month Day

"My cherie amor, pretty little one that I adore" ~ Stevie Wonder

Six months, Zoe. Half a year! How can it be that you are no longer my teeny newborn? Okay, you were never teeny, Notorious Z.O.E.. But you were once more fragile, more in need of being attached to mama. Now you are so much more aware of the world around you and you're desperate to interact with it.

Don't you die over the Missoni for Target knit leggings?
So what's the latest and greatest with you, ZoZo? Let's see. When you're feeling goofy, you stick your tongue out and grin around it. Which is pretty much most of the day. We're not sure what that's all about, but no complaints here. You also love to practice talking. Lots of "wah wah wah" and "yah yah yah" and "bah bah bah" lately. Sometimes you're most vocal at 4 in the morning. You're lucky you're so cute. And that's all I'll say about that.

We've taught Q how to play peekaboo with you, which has become an awesome distraction tactic for the both of you. Sometimes he covers his face with one hand, snack in the other, food falling out of his mouth, but you still light up like the morning sun every time he does it. "Baby like peekaboos," Q tells us. Yes, Q. Yes, she does. Especially when you do it.

At your 6 month pediatric visit, you weighed in at 16 pounds, 5 ounces (75th percentile), and I've now become a terrible mother because I forget your length but know it's in the 85th percentile. You're healthy and doing well, despite having caught just about every one of Q's colds this winter. You seem to be getting over your stranger anxiety, although it does take you a while to warm up sometimes.

We've finally let you try some food. We knew you were ready a couple of weeks ago because you were basically drowning in your drool every time we ate in front of you, trying to dive into my plate, and grabbing every morsel in sight. So, I thought, enough with the torture, let's feed this child some solids already! You've only tried baby oatmeal, peas, and squash so far, but you love it all. Oh, how glorious it is to feed your child at this stage! Before they get all opinionated and defiant about it. (I still love ya, Q.)

But my favorite recent development? The open-mouthed kisses you land on my cheek. It's been a most lovely 6 months, baby girl. I'm cherishing every moment and feel so lucky to be your mama. Happy 6 Month Day, Zoe!


  1. Happy 6-month day to your sweet girl! I think she's a keeper! ;) Love to see her grow! xox

  2. Wow! 6 months?? Already?? That, or knowing how quickly time is flying, is amazing! My littlest is now 5 months! 5 months!! This is such an awesome time though, isn't? I started Nya on solids at 8 months, but I've been thinking about starting A a bit sooner. We'll see. And yeah, I totally about how much more fun it is to feed solids to an infant versus a toddler. *sigh. Thanks for that reminder! Happy half-birthday, Zoe!

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