Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Nod to Nostalgia

"I reminisce for a spell, or shall I say think back . . . " ~ Pete Rock & CL Smooth

I love the little tricks the world plays on your brain to take you back in time. As I was driving across the Bay Bridge yesterday morning, the sun hit my face and cast its light on the city just so and there I was -- suddenly a kid again, hanging with my grandma in Noe Valley, strolling on 24th Street. A time of easy warmth and comfort. Just for a moment.

This occasionally happens when I'm driving. You know? Sort of paying attention but sort of not. Letting my mind drift back in time a bit. The way the cityscape looks one particular afternoon. It reminds me of being in Milan 12 years ago and giggling with two of my best friends over red wine and the best pizza we ever had the pleasure of stuffing into our mouths. 

And of course music does this for me regularly. I was sadder than I expected to be upon hearing of Whitney Houston's passing. I mean, she was an incredible talent, but I wasn't her number one fan or anything. Still, I thought back to listening to The Bodyguard soundtrack when I was in high school and attempting to belt out her songs in the safety of my bedroom. My little haven. The place where I danced with abandon and sang as if I could.

Or when I see a childhood friend's teenage daughter posting on Facebook about how she's "trouble" and I reminisce on our own forays into trouble as youths (who am I, Officer Krupke? Shout out to Tuesday's New Girl!). One being our girl group that we first called "Resistible Rockers", then "Irresistible Rockers" after our parents clued us in, and then, ultimately, "Trouble". Mind you, we weren't actually a band nor we were very deviant. We just choreographed dance routines together. "Ridiculous" would have been more appropriate.

So, I wanted to say thank you, nostalgia, for letting me escape. You seem to tap into my brain when I most need the respite. When I'm drowning in mama-doubt. When my neck is tense with fear about my future career. When I'm feeling less than. And when I could use a good laugh.

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