Thursday, February 09, 2012

Music to Make You Melt

"Soothing rhythms stoked the fire in my belly" ~ Esthero

Once again, I'm long overdue for a music post. And not for a lack of good tunes. Both T and I have come across some aural treats lately. It's just that I've been, ahem, distracted by other silly priorities. You know, like child-rearing and working. As always, when the stress becomes all-consuming, music offers the perfect escape. I think we could all use some warming up this winter in the form of heart-pumping tracks and cozy, fireside melodies. You know, a little something to thaw out to.

On the heart-pumping tip, here's M.I.A's new banger "Bad Girls". This video takes ghost riding the whip to the extreme and I love it.

Now for something a little dreamier. T and I have been listening to this track on the daily -- DJ Shadow featuring Little Dragon with "Scale It Back". I like how moments in the video parallel the lyrics, but really the video has nothing to do with the song. And how brilliant is the pairing of DJ Shadow with Little Dragon?

This artist I embarrassingly found when watching Gossip Girl. Yes, guilty pleasure #980. But Zee Avi is pretty amazing. Apparently she has a big following on YouTube under the name KokoKaina.

And for future reference, I'm beyond excited to peep this track since Andre 3000 is one of my favorites.

Stay warm...


  1. Krissy/Red2/9/12, 4:49 PM

    LOVE the DJ Shadow song!!! That video was truly bizarre though. I laughed out loud when dude gave the commentary at the end. :) And Zee Avi - WOW, her voice is absolutely beautiful and hypnotizing (good one to play for the kiddos when you're trying to get them to settle down!)! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Glad you're enjoying, Red!I know -- that DJ Shadow video is a trip but entertaining nonetheless.