Monday, February 06, 2012

An Argument for Impractical Mama Style

"I just don't belong here. Hey, look at that girl." ~ Esthero

So I've come to the conclusion that I will never fit in among the other preschool moms. When I was dropping Q off the other day, I saw three moms talking in a circle -- three who volunteer regularly for the school and who I'm sure are very nice ladies. A circle of black yoga pants, quilted vests, long-sleeve tees/exercise tops, their hair in ponytails. The parts of me that will always want to belong (thanks, middle school) and dress appropriately for an occasion (thanks, Dad) tell me I should be wearing this uniform. But now that I'm in my 30's and more or less comfortable with my style, I know that's just not me. I rarely exercise, so it would be misleading to wear such gear. But I'm sure this uniform is super practical since most moms spend the majority of their time running around, multitasking, and schlepping, which tends to cause a decent amount of sweating. No? Just me?

Anyway. I enjoy fashion too much to be practical. When I picked up a heap of clothing from the dry cleaners the other day, I was ecstatic. See, I usually wait much too long to take my things to the dry cleaner, so it's like rediscovering my wardrobe. Ooh, a silk blouse! Oh yay, my cashmere dress! And one of the main reasons I was excited to go back to work was the ability to wear these dry clean only garments with nary a grubby, 3-year-old hand or a spitting-up baby in sight.

Except I forgot about pumping. And getting distracted by work while pumping. And staining the aforementioned silk blouse while pumping and reading. I guess no matter where I am, I am still a mom who should dress more practically.

Hold up. Wait a minute. I am not succumbing that easily.

My Typical Mom Uniform

If one of the very few things I do for myself in this season of my life is getting dressed with some semblance of passion, then I say, yay mama! It's a part of me that I want to hold onto tightly. My interest in fashion doesn't have to change just because I'm chasing Q down the street with Z bouncing around in her Ergo. I find my version of workable mama style in slouchy cardigans, stretchy skinny jeans, and striped tees. My wedge boots don't even click-clack that loudly. I've never been a Nike girl, even in my hip-hop dancing days. And I'll take Alexander Wang over Lulu Lemon, thank you.

Now I'm not saying that I'm one of those super put-together ladies who looks like she stepped out of the pages of Vogue. One, I'm not willing to get up that early. Two, I'm just not that much of a perfectionist when it comes to my appearance. Three, I do hail from California where we tend to dress a bit more on the relaxed side. Also, I probably didn't take a shower that morning. A hasty application of concealer still reveals the dark circles under my eyes. I am still a mom after all.

But when you see me at the next preschool drop-off, please don't think me any less of a mom for not rocking washable knits. I'm boldly going forth in cashmere! Watch me hold my head up high. Watch me rack up dry cleaning bills at an alarming rate. Hey, I never said this move was a smart one. It's more about happiness.


  1. I love this post! Your style sounds fabulous! I admire you. I am getting better with my fashion, so it's nice to reminded of moms who still are fashionable. Yoga pants are boring, but comfortable, and that's why most moms, particularly sahms, wear them. I wore then once, too. But I've stopped on my quest to get my "fashion sense" back. ;)

    1. Thanks, Jessica! I completely get the yoga pants as comfortable. I wear leggings a lot too, so that's probably my version. And I think the right jeans can be just as comfy too.

    2. Vintage Jeanne Marc will never be your thing, but your style is great and you dress Q and Z with style as well. I can't wait to get that special portrait done of them with their sailor suits to go into the family archives.