Friday, January 27, 2012

{Sponsored Video} Q's Kind Nums: Chocolate Milk!

"Here we are, folks. The dream we all dream of . . . " ~ Prince

Mama versus 3 year old in the world series of food. The battle royale. Me pushing the kale chips. Q climbing the chair to get to the fruit snacks in the upper cabinets of the pantry. I admit that I have often succumbed to defeat to avoid the confrontation. I'm just not that competitive. Boo on Mama.

I realized that I was tired of losing. I needed to find the healthiest "kind nums" (Q-speak for treats) and then we would both feel like we had won. So, when Q asked for chocolate milk after a sneaky introduction by his Poppa, I tried to find one I would feel happy about giving him. Have you ever looked at how much freakin' sugar is in a serving of the typical chocolate milk? Ridiculous. It's tantamount to giving him a soda, and that's the last thing he needs in his repertoire of kind nums. So I managed to find the ultimate chocolate milk from Horizon Organic that naturally has less sugar than most brands, comes free of any hormones or artificial nastiness, and tastes great, too. Q is happy. I'm happy. Winning all around! And when I sneak one for myself, I don't feel too guilty about it, either.

Check out the adorable and precocious kids in this video from Horizon Organic with some real talk about eating healthy:

I'm thinking of starting a series of Q's Kind Nums posts to keep me inspired to find healthy snacks for my little sweet toothed guy. I'd love some suggestions from my readers, too. What kind of healthy treats do you feed your kiddos?

*This post is sponsored by Horizon Organic.*


  1. Well done, Momeline! Glad you & Q found a happy medium. A daily battle of that kind (multiple times a day, I'm sure!) must be exhausting!

    1. It can be exhausting but apparently worth it in the end. But don't let this shame you for your gifts of gourmet fruit snacks -- Q might never forgive me! Plus, those are probably of the healthier variety anyway, right? Yay antioxidants!

    2. Let me know how the new kind nums just introduced at the Safeway and renamed Nan Nums do for Q. I know that they are not exactly a health food but he sure does like them.