Friday, December 23, 2011

Mamasay Memories: Making Spirits Bright

"May the sunshine on you, may the sunshine on you, may the sunshine on Terri, may the sunshine on you" ~ my family

Today would be your 60th birthday, Mom. If you were still around, we might be throwing you a big party. But I know you'd prefer to keep it low-key. I wish we could go to the movies with Dad and Danielle. Maybe you'd want to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Or maybe we'd watch The Help at home because when I read that book I knew it would so be your cup of tea. I wish we could get you an ice cream cake and then lay around on the couch together after. With the hectic pace of the holiday season, you always wanted to relax on your birthday. And now that I'm a mom to two in the midst of the holiday season, I truly understand why.

As I sit her sipping some tea while not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse (I'm a mouse and I'm stirring!), in front of the Christmas tree typing this, I'm attempting to unwind just a little bit. Remember how you always recalled us telling you to "chill, Mom" when we thought you were getting overly anxious about something? Yeah, I'm the one who needs the chill pill now. If only we could laugh at this freakin' circle of life together. I miss your laugh. It's probably the most genuine laugh I've ever known.

Even though your birthday was a mere two days before Christmas, you never made a big stink about having to share your day. In fact, you loved the holiday season. You and Dad hosted Christmas Eve for your side of the family every year and did it so well. Everything about that night, year after year of my childhood, brings to mind warmth, comfort, and -- can't help myself -- joy. I'm hoping to carry on your tradition as I'm now hosting Christmas Eve for Toby's family, Dad and Danielle, and of course my two. I hope that Q and Z think about that special night at their own home every year with the same fondness. Without developing my obsession with chips and dip.

Happy 60th Birthday, Mom. Wherever you are, I know you're celebrating with Gram and other loved ones. I wish I could be with you. But I have a pretty good notion that you're here with me anyway. So, thanks for helping to make my spirit bright just when I need it most. Love ya 2 and a half.


  1. Happy birthday to you mamasay! It goes without saying that she is SO proud of you. So am I. (My nephie is so lucky to share a birthday with such an amazing woman.) ;-) Love you, girl!

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