Sunday, December 11, 2011

Farewell, Fourth Trimester: Zoe's 3 Month Day

"Sometimes we find if we think with our hearts, we can read between the lines" ~ Bonobo feat. Bajka

Hey baby, it's been a beautiful first 3 months with you. Not without its challenges, but beautiful nonetheless. It's with mixed emotions that I bid adios to your newborn days. I've read that the first 3 months of a baby's life are essentially the 4th trimester, and I truly felt that with you, Z. You were most content when held close -- a place where you could hear heartbeats and soak in our warmth. But as you grow more aware of your surroundings, you're happy to observe. You can sit and stare at newfound friends, like your hands, or watch us from afar. You adore sitting on a lap and looking out at the world, but you still are most calmed by being walked chest-to-chest.

Your smiles now evolve into hiccup-like giggles, and your entire face beams and you turn coyly into your shoulder. Such a flirt already. With you and your girlfriend-loving big bro, we're in big trouble.

You love the bath and hate the cold afterwards. You are not shy about letting us know that you're uncomfortable. Tummy time is not your favorite, although you have started pushing your head and shoulders up like the strong girl I know you are.

You slept 9 straight hours the other night and I woke up wanting to do the dance of joy a la Balki Bartakamous. Thank you, my little love!  Now if you could just keep it up, mama will have a much better chance of staying sane. Speaking of losing my mind, I'm doing my best to teach your big bro to be gentle with you, but despite a couple of scratches, you're smitten with him just the same. You are thrilled to see him every time he crosses your line of vision.

I'm in love with watching your personality blossom more every day. But as you're starting to outgrow your sling, I already miss you peeking out from your swaddlings. It'll be great to have a little more freedom of movement, but I'll always cherish these precious days of snuggling.

Happy 3 Months, Z!

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  1. 3 months already! I love seeing how much she's changed when I come to visit. Such a little beauty, this one. xox