Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thank You, Thanksgiving: A Gratitude List

"So I want to stop and thank you, baby." ~ Marvin Gaye

This is almost a week overdue, but hey, such is my life lately . . .

Z enjoying a cold Marzen with Dad

Thanksgiving came at the perfect time this year. While it seemed to appear a bit faster than expected, I needed the reality check. In all honesty, I've been getting bogged down on the little hardships of adjusting to this new life every day. T and I have been exhausted, Q has been doing whatever it takes to make sure our eyes are on him, and Z has been, well, pretty angelic actually but of course she contributes to the exhaustion. So, thank goodness for Thanksgiving. A time to reflect on all that I have to be grateful for was much needed.

Q the piano prodigy at my grandfather's house on Tofurkey Day

1. I have two healthy, happy, beautiful children. What the hell is wrong with me? I should never complain about anything anymore.

2. I have a husband who loves me and our babies. He works hard and, even if I wish he were around more, he's doing it ultimately for all of our happiness and comfort. Thank you, lub!

3. I have an awesome extended family, many of whom live nearby, both blood relative and in laws.

4. I have thee best group of friends ever. Even if we don't get to see each other as often as we like, I know they are there if I ever need them and I love them like family.

5. I have a job when so many people don't at this time. I work with the most understanding, compassionate people who I am so lucky to have in my life. I miss them while I'm on maternity leave.

6. Because I have said job, I have enough decent clothes to last me through the season. Even if I would love some Frye boots but can't quite justify them.

7. Food. I'm so glad I have some. Thanks.

8. Wine. Just one glass will do. Thanks.

9. DVR. I dislike most commercials, especially at this time of year. And I get to watch my guilty pleasure shows while nursing Z after Q's tucked in with the limited time I have to "myself." Thanks.

Okay, this is starting to get silly. But I really am grateful for all of the above. I may be part of the 99% when it comes to finances, but I feel like part of the 1% when reflecting on the wealth of love in my life.

Thanks to those of you who are still reading. Hope everyone had a yummy and bountiful Thanksgiving in every way!


  1. Such sweet photos, thanks for sharing!

  2. So behind on Flyrish Foibles! Love you too, Miches! xox