Tuesday, November 01, 2011

How 'Bout that Halloween

"Love is kind of crazy with a spooky little boy like you" ~ Dusty Springfield

Last night was Q's first proper Halloween. He got to hit the town when the sun went down and bother the neighbors for all of their "kind nums." He was in awe. I've never seen him so quiet. Even after a couple of days of rehearsing the whole trick-or-treat scenario, he didn't say trick-or-treat or thank you even once that we could hear. He just followed the throngs of costumed children to each door and waited his turn. Regardless of his silence, he had a blast and one neighbor even gave out his favorite fruit snacks -- the OG kind nums in Q's world.

Z stayed wrapped up in her carrier and snoozed, but on our way home I saw her peeking out with wide eyes at the dark night sky. "It's Halloween," I whispered to her. Her little ladybugy eyes shined up at me.

"More chocolate!" Q-bot demanded.


  1. "OG of kind nums" - classic! Glad y'all had a nice Halloween, Mich. On to the next...is Thanksgiving really only 3 weeks away!? Yikes!

  2. so cute. little ladybug is lookin' chubby -- you must be feeding her the good stuff!

  3. What a cute robot! Glad you had a fun Halloween. xxoo