Saturday, August 13, 2011

36 Weeks: What the What?! Already?

"Got to be there in the morning, when she says hello to the world" ~ Michael Jackson

I truly can't believe it. I'm in my last month of pregnancy. How did that happen? All of a sudden I feel like labor day could happen at any moment which is somewhat terrifying. I'm maniacally trying to stock up on supplies, finish up LL's nursery, and wrap things up at work -- Monday is my last day, phew. I haven't been very inspired to blog in my free time because I've been freakin' exhausted, going from sitting to standing makes me short of breath, and my swollen hands are aching. I'm just a barrel of fun right now. Get it? Barrel?

More of a torpedo actually

Anyway, I know I'm due for an update before my actual due date hits. This may or may not be the last pregnancy update, depending on how these last few weeks go. Even though I'll be off of work, I have Q's potty training to tend to and a few other items to get to scratchin' off my to-do list. Plus, somehow we have plans every weekend for the rest of the month. I don't know what's wrong with us.

So, at 36 weeks . . .

Fruit/veggie size: Crenshaw melon 

How baby is doing: She's head down and making her way downtown. She enjoys leaning to the left side and making her mama look all lopsided.

How I'm feeling: Have I mentioned that I basically have carpel tunnel in both hands due to all of this extra fluid? I have wrist braces that I wear when I sleep or when I'm on the computer (well, I should be wearing them right now), but I've also done a couple of contrast baths which help relieve the aching and stiffness tremendously. Otherwise, definitely feeling the pressure of her moving lower down but still not able to eat very much food in one sitting. I certainly try, though. Also, I'm 50% effaced as of this past Tuesday.

Cravings: Chocolate, but that's nothing unusual

Aversions: People who blurt out commentary such as, "Whoa! Twins?" or "You look like an apple!" or "How many weeks pregnant are you again? You look about 50 weeks." (Seriously, people have uttered these exact words to me.)

Looking forward to: Meeting with our OB group at the hospital and tour of labor/delivery unit on Monday night. Even though we've been there done that, I'd like to get a little refresher and see if anything's changed in the last couple of years.

P.S. You know what cracks me up? How tiny that woman looks in my pregnancy ticker on the right.


  1. You're almost there! 36 weeks. Wow! She'll be here any day now! Yay! I had carpal tunnel's syndrome with my last pregnancy. It was no fun.

  2. I know that belly is exhausting you, Momeline, but che bella! I really cannot wait to meet your little girl. Good luck getting everything done that needs doing in this last month. Do let me know if you need help with anything!

  3. Well, I am just going to get the aversive commentary out of the way. Damn Girl, you're huge! Ok sorry, that belly is looking nice and ripe though. She's almost ready! Yay! I am hoping these next few (?) weeks go as smoothly as possible for you and the family. LOVE YOU.