Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mamasay Memories: Music & Me

You know how some people like to hum to themselves or whistle while they work? My mom was like that. Except she sang with her full voice and full heart while doing pretty much anything. Most of the time, it was absent-minded and goofy as she puttered around the house. She often made up her own lyrics to pop songs, knowing it would drive me and my sister crazy. My memories of growing up in our home consist of mainly cozy, light-filled images with the soundtrack of my mom singing in the background.

"Please don't go Shirl! It would ruin my whoooole world!

I truly believe that I have such fond memories of my day-to-day childhood because of her musical spirit. My dad also loved music and liked to sing, but he was slightly less silly about it. Well, slightly less. They both had/have pretty good voices, too. My dad can do a killer Elvis impression. But I think my mom just entertained herself by singing. She didn't care which song it was, although of course she had her favorites. She was always the first to join my Uncle Brendan or her cousin Steve in song when they pulled out their guitars. I used to roll my eyes as a tween, feeling ashamed at the attention she called to herself. Clearly I had a lot of growing up to do. 

"Solid! Solid as my socks! That's what this love is!" 

I'm sure that my love of music has a great deal to do with growing up in this environment, and I want the same for my family. I want my kids to recall a happy soundtrack when thinking of our home. So, when I find myself getting Q's bath ready and belting out "Loooving you is easy 'cause your beautiful," I don't want to feel embarrassed because my singing voice isn't quite up to par. I just want to hang on to the goofiness, the light, the absent-minded positivity that will hopefully sink into the minds of my children. And the memory of my Mamasay doing the very same thing. Because when I grow up, I want to be just like Terri.


  1. Awww, sweet memory! Even without kids, that story provides a good reminder to lighten up and let loose in life!

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  3. Love it! I feel so enriched by growing up in a musical home. It really makes difference as far as kids' future interest and musical aptitude goes ;)

  4. So, so lovely. I have fond memories of dancing to Dire Straights with my papa and now whenever I hear "Money For Nothing" I'm 8 years old all over again ;)