Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Loving Q, 2 and a Half

"Ain't no half steppin'" ~ Big Daddy Kane

Last week you turned 2 and a half, aka 30 months, aka holy-crap-where-has-the-time-gone?! My little q. You are quickly becoming my big Q. And you think the word "half" is hilarious.

The other day a friend asked me what my favorite age of yours has been so far. Her mom chimed in and said that each age has its joys and challenges. Which is so true. But I think that this moment in your life has to be one of the best. It's a time of transition. A time of discovery. The last days of your babyhood and soon to be the first days of your school years. You will still snuggle close to me and open your palm wide, gliding it across my fingertips, while you drink your milk or cuddle with me in bed. Yet you are starting to form sentences and learn your letters. And you're starting to prefer time with friends to time with mama. And that's okay. I know you still want to return to me and Daddy. It's just that now I know you'll be ready for preschool and all of the newness and activity and friendship that comes along with it. (Ready for potty training? Well, that's another roll of TP altogether and you're I'm not quite ready to tackle it.)

Not that there aren't challenges at this age. Woe (and whoa) is me. You truly enjoy manipulating and testing your power. Every night after I tuck you in now it's "Op' door! No, close door! Close door! Op' door! Close! Close! Close door!" It's not my favorite game, so I only let you go back and forth a couple of times before I make the executive decision to close your door. You no longer like the bath as much as you once did and I hope it's just a phase. All you want to eat are fruit snacks and I often have to tell a little white lie that they're all gone. Getting a vegetable in you nowadays deserves some sort of celebration. Like last night when you managed to scarf down a few spinach tortellinis. Woo hoo! You can still play on the rough side and I've had a few blows to the belly. But I swear this baby girl is ready to kick you right back. Now that I think about it, I kind of liked you better when you simply sat smiling and cooing up at me from your blanket.

It's not easy being your mama, but I wouldn't trade it for a lifetime's supply of chocolate. You now making the sweetest kissing sound and insist on kissing our boo-boos. You're starting to enter the world of make-believe, which I was quite familiar with as a wee one. You get on your truck and go to the store for me, waving bye-bye with promises of bringing home milk, bread, and fruit. You say "cheers" and clink glasses like an old pro. You crack us up on a daily basis. You are so much fun to be around. When you're in a good mood. But I guess that's the same for anyone really.

Your great grandmother used to sign all of her cards to us "Love ya 2 and a half." And while I think she meant that she loved us 2 and a half times the normal amount, at this moment I'm loving you, my Q, at 2 and a half and even more than 2 and a half times the normal amount.


  1. Oh, what a sweet post! It's amazing how our children just become more and more fun with time. I can't wait until Nya can began forming sentences and having her own imaginary world. That sounds so cool!

  2. It really does just get better every day! And wait until the kids start playing together...it just melts your heart.

    By the way, love the flyrish definition. We say that we have BIM babies--Black, Irish, Mexican.

  3. I love this post! My middle child is 2-1/2 right now and the other day I was thinking I just want to freeze him right here. It has to be one of my favorite ages. I'm so glad you're enjoying it and capturing it!