Monday, July 18, 2011

32 Weeks: Hiccups and Hormones

"And we begin to rock steady, steady rockin' all night long" ~ The Whispers

When Q was in utero, he hiccuped pretty much all day long during the third trimester. Little Lady has started to hone in on the hiccuping too, but not with the regularity of her big bro. It's these little differences during pregnancy that fascinate me and fuel my curiosity about just how unique my little girl will be. Because . . . 8 more weeks until we meet! Or less! Or more!

The nursery is s l o w l y getting there. We still don't have a crib for her, but we do have a passed down bassinet, so that should do for the first couple of months. IKEA was all out of their much-lauded Gulliver crib when we went a couple of weeks back and said they were having shipment issues and didn't expect any for a long time. In other words, just give it up already. In the meantime, I'm scouring Craigslist, ebay, and other pre-owned offerings for the perfect baby bed. Also still waffling between these two mid-century rockers (although Toby prefers the first) -- for some reason, the look is more important to me than its comfort factor (I realize that this is kind of ridiculous -- I'm blaming pregnancy brain):

And hormonal hysteria may be at an all-time high, as was predicted. When I have one of my meltdowns, Q now gets his stepstool from the bathroom and uses it to grab me a tissue (or 9) and hands it over with a pitiful look on his face. I fear for the ways in which I'm damaging him.

At 32 weeks . . .

Fruit/vegetable size: Large jicama (this really doesn't help me picture her size)

How baby is doing: According to BabyCenter she's starting to fatten up and she's definitely starting to contort my belly with her movements. She likes to "chime in"  with an elbow or a knee during work meetings and freak everyone out.

How I'm feeling: Aside from the hormonal meltdowns, I'm feeling okay. Starting to lose my breath more easily and my lower back acts up occasionally, but my prenatal exercise class has helped incredibly.

Cravings: Avocados (hoping to make this soon)

Aversions: Bending over. I'm starting to realize how often I have to do this, mainly to do Prince Q's bidding.

Looking forward to: Meeting with our doula tonight -- she's so wise and I look forward to reviewing some pain management techniques with her.

P.S. If you have a moment, please vote for me as one of the SF Bay Area's Top Mom Blogs! There are some awesome mamas on there and I'm proud to be honored along with them. (But don't vote for them, vote for me . . . or do what you want. I'm not good at this competitive stuff.)


  1. What an exciting time getting ready for the baby. If it makes you feel any better, my baby is 2 months old and still doesn't have a room. We have to move our 2 boys into the same room and let's just say it hasn't gone the way we envisioned.

    My quick tips for the transition:
    -Have a gift from the baby to big brother. We got a kid's digital camera so he felt like he was a part of oohing and ahhing over baby.
    -Use the swing/bouncy seat/car seat/etc to hold the baby so you can hold the big kid. They still need it and if the baby cries, so be it.
    -Have fun and embrace that things are not the same, but they're wonderfully different. Your life will be growing far more than 2-1/2 in love and joy. (Not sleep, though.)


  2. Good for you for getting started on the nursery! I think we've decided, at least at this point, that we will not do a nursery in the beginning as she will be sleeping in our room. We will, however, add the nursery in time. I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but it's saving me some stress so far, so that's, at least, a good thing.

  3. Oh yes, bending over has recently gotten really annoying/cumbersome for me too! It's not that I can't... it's just a tad more effort than I want to exert. ;)

    As for the chair... definitely the first one. It's gorgeous! :) (And looks way more comfortable for sure!)

  4. Thank you, Amy, for your tips! The kid's camera is a cute idea.

    Jessica, I completely understand waiting on the nursery. I don't expect us to be done with it before she comes, but I wanted to have something just in case she's a baby who likes her own space earlier than later.

    Adriel, I'm pretty sure we're getting the first one. Adding a colorful pillow or two will add to the comfort.