Friday, July 29, 2011

One Last Attempt

 It's the last day to vote for this little blog on Circle of Mom's SF Bay Area Mom Blogs contest. And so it is my last attempt at vote-grubbing. I've slipped way down in the ranks, so please help keep me in the Top 25 at least. It just takes a second to vote and I'll be forever grateful for your support! Click below and then click once more on the Flyrish Foibles vote button. Easy peasy!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Placenta Power

"So many misconceptions, so many evil deceptions, I've come to give direction, for I am the lifesaver" ~ Guru

To encapsulate or not to encapsulate? That is the question of the day.

We recently met with our amazing doula and she gave us some truly expert advice on the typical experience of labor for second time mamas. She reminded me that this time my labor will go FAST. Since my labor with Q was pretty quick (7-8 hours), she said it could be a third of that time. Wow! Basically, get thee to a hospital pronto. She suggested being open to having my water broken to get things moving if it seemed like things weren't progressing, particularly since they had to break my water last time. I found that interesting. She also offered some great tips on helping Q to adjust and feel like he's still a major part of the family, like making nursing the baby a special time for him too.

I don't want to go into too much detail about all of her advice because I'm pretty sure she saves this information for her clients, but I do want to talk about her offering of placenta encapsulation. I knew from Facebook that she had recently started providing this service. I had heard of it before and I admitted that I was fascinated by it, but part of me is also slightly nauseated by the idea. I looked at T to see if he was turning green, but he mostly wanted to know more about it. Felicia explained that she steamed the placenta with herbs, then dehydrated it until it was as dry as a cracker, and then she ground it and put the powder into capsules. Hmm, swallowing a capsule didn't seem so bad. I mean, it would be one thing if I had to eat it grilled. Especially being a vegetarian who mostly doesn't eat meat because of the textural turnoff. Ick.

But the benefits seemingly far outweigh the ick factor. Felicia said it does more than help with baby blues and postpartum depression, which I had thought was the main benefit. Placenta also gives you more energy, could increase postpartum healing time, and can even be frozen and saved to take for menopausal symptoms. But the real draw for me was that these placenta capsules could help with my PMDD when my monthly returns. Some of you may remember my complaints from back then. I really felt like I was losing my mind for about a week before I would get my period every month. I never want to experience that again. So, these placenta capsules are essentially nature's perfect medicine tailor-made for me. Now that's pretty tempting.

But will I be able to get over the weird, earth mama, yuckiness of it all? What do you think, dear readers? Would you ever consider encapsulating your placenta after birthing your baby? Know anyone who has done it? I'd love to hear some stories. Is everybody hungry now?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mamasay Memories: Music & Me

You know how some people like to hum to themselves or whistle while they work? My mom was like that. Except she sang with her full voice and full heart while doing pretty much anything. Most of the time, it was absent-minded and goofy as she puttered around the house. She often made up her own lyrics to pop songs, knowing it would drive me and my sister crazy. My memories of growing up in our home consist of mainly cozy, light-filled images with the soundtrack of my mom singing in the background.

"Please don't go Shirl! It would ruin my whoooole world!

I truly believe that I have such fond memories of my day-to-day childhood because of her musical spirit. My dad also loved music and liked to sing, but he was slightly less silly about it. Well, slightly less. They both had/have pretty good voices, too. My dad can do a killer Elvis impression. But I think my mom just entertained herself by singing. She didn't care which song it was, although of course she had her favorites. She was always the first to join my Uncle Brendan or her cousin Steve in song when they pulled out their guitars. I used to roll my eyes as a tween, feeling ashamed at the attention she called to herself. Clearly I had a lot of growing up to do. 

"Solid! Solid as my socks! That's what this love is!" 

I'm sure that my love of music has a great deal to do with growing up in this environment, and I want the same for my family. I want my kids to recall a happy soundtrack when thinking of our home. So, when I find myself getting Q's bath ready and belting out "Loooving you is easy 'cause your beautiful," I don't want to feel embarrassed because my singing voice isn't quite up to par. I just want to hang on to the goofiness, the light, the absent-minded positivity that will hopefully sink into the minds of my children. And the memory of my Mamasay doing the very same thing. Because when I grow up, I want to be just like Terri.

Monday, July 18, 2011

32 Weeks: Hiccups and Hormones

"And we begin to rock steady, steady rockin' all night long" ~ The Whispers

When Q was in utero, he hiccuped pretty much all day long during the third trimester. Little Lady has started to hone in on the hiccuping too, but not with the regularity of her big bro. It's these little differences during pregnancy that fascinate me and fuel my curiosity about just how unique my little girl will be. Because . . . 8 more weeks until we meet! Or less! Or more!

The nursery is s l o w l y getting there. We still don't have a crib for her, but we do have a passed down bassinet, so that should do for the first couple of months. IKEA was all out of their much-lauded Gulliver crib when we went a couple of weeks back and said they were having shipment issues and didn't expect any for a long time. In other words, just give it up already. In the meantime, I'm scouring Craigslist, ebay, and other pre-owned offerings for the perfect baby bed. Also still waffling between these two mid-century rockers (although Toby prefers the first) -- for some reason, the look is more important to me than its comfort factor (I realize that this is kind of ridiculous -- I'm blaming pregnancy brain):

And hormonal hysteria may be at an all-time high, as was predicted. When I have one of my meltdowns, Q now gets his stepstool from the bathroom and uses it to grab me a tissue (or 9) and hands it over with a pitiful look on his face. I fear for the ways in which I'm damaging him.

At 32 weeks . . .

Fruit/vegetable size: Large jicama (this really doesn't help me picture her size)

How baby is doing: According to BabyCenter she's starting to fatten up and she's definitely starting to contort my belly with her movements. She likes to "chime in"  with an elbow or a knee during work meetings and freak everyone out.

How I'm feeling: Aside from the hormonal meltdowns, I'm feeling okay. Starting to lose my breath more easily and my lower back acts up occasionally, but my prenatal exercise class has helped incredibly.

Cravings: Avocados (hoping to make this soon)

Aversions: Bending over. I'm starting to realize how often I have to do this, mainly to do Prince Q's bidding.

Looking forward to: Meeting with our doula tonight -- she's so wise and I look forward to reviewing some pain management techniques with her.

P.S. If you have a moment, please vote for me as one of the SF Bay Area's Top Mom Blogs! There are some awesome mamas on there and I'm proud to be honored along with them. (But don't vote for them, vote for me . . . or do what you want. I'm not good at this competitive stuff.)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Loving Q, 2 and a Half

"Ain't no half steppin'" ~ Big Daddy Kane

Last week you turned 2 and a half, aka 30 months, aka holy-crap-where-has-the-time-gone?! My little q. You are quickly becoming my big Q. And you think the word "half" is hilarious.

The other day a friend asked me what my favorite age of yours has been so far. Her mom chimed in and said that each age has its joys and challenges. Which is so true. But I think that this moment in your life has to be one of the best. It's a time of transition. A time of discovery. The last days of your babyhood and soon to be the first days of your school years. You will still snuggle close to me and open your palm wide, gliding it across my fingertips, while you drink your milk or cuddle with me in bed. Yet you are starting to form sentences and learn your letters. And you're starting to prefer time with friends to time with mama. And that's okay. I know you still want to return to me and Daddy. It's just that now I know you'll be ready for preschool and all of the newness and activity and friendship that comes along with it. (Ready for potty training? Well, that's another roll of TP altogether and you're I'm not quite ready to tackle it.)

Not that there aren't challenges at this age. Woe (and whoa) is me. You truly enjoy manipulating and testing your power. Every night after I tuck you in now it's "Op' door! No, close door! Close door! Op' door! Close! Close! Close door!" It's not my favorite game, so I only let you go back and forth a couple of times before I make the executive decision to close your door. You no longer like the bath as much as you once did and I hope it's just a phase. All you want to eat are fruit snacks and I often have to tell a little white lie that they're all gone. Getting a vegetable in you nowadays deserves some sort of celebration. Like last night when you managed to scarf down a few spinach tortellinis. Woo hoo! You can still play on the rough side and I've had a few blows to the belly. But I swear this baby girl is ready to kick you right back. Now that I think about it, I kind of liked you better when you simply sat smiling and cooing up at me from your blanket.

It's not easy being your mama, but I wouldn't trade it for a lifetime's supply of chocolate. You now making the sweetest kissing sound and insist on kissing our boo-boos. You're starting to enter the world of make-believe, which I was quite familiar with as a wee one. You get on your truck and go to the store for me, waving bye-bye with promises of bringing home milk, bread, and fruit. You say "cheers" and clink glasses like an old pro. You crack us up on a daily basis. You are so much fun to be around. When you're in a good mood. But I guess that's the same for anyone really.

Your great grandmother used to sign all of her cards to us "Love ya 2 and a half." And while I think she meant that she loved us 2 and a half times the normal amount, at this moment I'm loving you, my Q, at 2 and a half and even more than 2 and a half times the normal amount.

Saturday, July 09, 2011


"Let me be the one (to hold onto the dream), let me be the one (you can trust me at anytime)" ~ Expose

It's a first for me. Yes, I am joining the ranks of mom bloggers who beg for votes. The lovely editors at Circle of Moms nominated this here blog as one of the top SF Bay Area Mom Blogs. So, I'm going to take the plunge into virgin waters (an odd turn of phrase for a pregnant woman, I know) and ask you all to vote for me. If I make it into the Top 25 mom blogs, I don't get to be a billionaire, but I do get a feature and some write-ups and hopefully some more readers. More readers means potentially more feedback, more community interaction, and more mama commiseration, which is pretty much invaluable. You can vote once daily until July 29th.


Thanks in advance for your support!

Friday, July 08, 2011

Little Lovelies for LL

"I wanna dress you up in my love" ~ Madonna

It's no surprise that I'm loving the H-E-double-hockey-sticks out of shopping for this baby girl to be. And now is a perfect time to be doing it, what with all of the summer sales happening out there.

For instance, have you mamas (and papas) checked out Monkey & the Bug yet? So much adorable for the littles in your life on that site. And they're having an awesome sale starting on Saturday -- 60% off all online pieces! I'm eyeing this beyond cute number for LL:

And perhaps this cardi for Q (which can easily be passed down to sister later on):

They also have sweet styles for the grown-ups. And if you're in the Boston area, you can hit up their brick-and-mortar for even better deals. Plus, you can read all about owner Tina and her precious twin girls here -- yes, where T and I guest posted for Father's Day!

Now let's go shopping this weekend . . .