Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Shady Shades

"96 degrees in the shade, real hot, in the shade" ~ Third World

No, I'm not talking about stunnas this time. (Although I am lusting after these Marc by Marc Jacobs oversized cat eyes right now. Push present to myself perhaps?)

It's been a while since I've talked about gussying up Guido, but as summer quickly approaches, we've realized that, beyond an aesthetic upgrade, we mainly need some blockage of that hot fireball blazing into our family room all day long. Yes, our family room gets a full wall of southern exposure, thanks to two side-by-side sliding glass doors and two angled windows above those. We have a phenomenal view and don't need much privacy, so we've lived without any window treatments for about a year and a half now. But we're in desperate need of relief, especially since I'll be ready-to-pop pregnant during the warmest months. And I'd prefer not to melt away as my method of giving birth to this baby.

Anyway. We are in the midst of shopping around and getting quotes. We are looking at putting in honeycomb shades since they help quite a bit with heat transfer, although everyone wants to sell us solar shades as to not hinder the view. Solar shades are cool, but not cool enough. Ya feel me? I still think we'd get too much sun. Plus, we only have single pane windows and can't afford new windows just yet. While the heat doesn't usually bother me terribly, T starts complaining of sun stroke if it gets to be over 70 degrees. And again, I have a suspicion that my hot preggo bod can't take too much more heat.

There are so many options when it comes to this shade business. Grand cell, twin cell, or petite cell? Single, double, or triple? Color? Blockage? Top down/bottom up? Cordless or child-safety cord? Shimmery or matte? Gold rims or platinum? Oh wait, wrong upgrade. I wish someone from HGTV would come over and make all of these decisions for me. And while they're at it, just make over the whole dang room. I want to be HGTV'd! I'm hoping that installing shades will be the first step in improving the look of our family room. I realize that shades alone aren't very thrilling, so I'm thinking of adding a couple of drapery panels at the ends for something more aesthetically pleasing.

So, here's a little look at our naked windows before. And once we've decided what we're going with and the shades are installed, I will do an after shot. (Don't even get me started on that awful UV film on those angled windows from the previous owners. We're obviously in the tedious process of removing it.)

Sorry for the tilt -- I guess I needed a V8 (dating myself much?).

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