Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 Weeks: Blame it on the Brain

"Blame it on the rain, blame it on the stars, whatever you do don't put the blame on you"~ Milli Vanilli

You know what's convenient about being pregnant? Not much. But it does allow you to blame any and all of your shortcomings over those gestational months on pregnancy brain. Forgot to call a friend back? Preggo brain. Misplaced a bill or two? PB. Transformed into a weeping puddle of goo? That's your brain on pregnancy. Can't get it together to post weekly updates with perfectly composed pictures? That's probably just me.

I didn't think my hands were swollen until I saw this.

Yes, I've been meaning to post more preggo photos, particularly when I'm wearing what I consider to be a cute "maternity but not actually maternity" getup, and more pregnancy updates in general. But I've been tired. And living my life with Q while T was away in D.C., which was lovely and not as challenging as expected. And I just need more naps. When I'm not working, I need to make it a top priority to nap when Q naps.

Also, I've been thinking about how everyone always tells you to sleep when the baby sleeps. Which is truly wonderful advice for your first baby. But how do 2nd time mamas (and 3rd and 4th, etc.) do it? When do you sleep? What if your toddler naps when your baby is awake and vice versa? I'm imagining that 2nd time mama brain is much more intense than pregnancy brain. Well, at least there will be some sort of excuse for my antics over the next several months.

So, holy crap, only 10 more weeks. Or possibly less, according to both my OB and my doula. Since Q came 9 days early, it's likely that she may come early as well. Some women have shorter gestational periods apparently. Time to work on that baby prep to-do list.

Some thrilling updates while I ponder the future of my mental health...

At 30 weeks(!)

Fruit/veggie size: Head of cabbage (Cabbage Patch Kid) and about 3lbs.

How baby's doing: Already head down and pushing against the center of my belly on the regular, trying to make more room I'm thinking

How I'm feeling: At this point the one-two punch combo of hormones and discomfort are supposed to bring those lovely mood swings back. I don't think they ever really left me, so I'm guessing that I'll just be a full-on bitch for these last couple of months.

Cravings: Have I mentioned sleep? Also, Fleur de Sel ice cream (my new favorite)

Aversions: Riding the bus. Hello, nausea-fest!

Looking forward to: My last ultrasound next Thursday before meeting baby face to face!


  1. You're almost there! It's amazing and scary, isn't it? I also often ask myself how moms of more than one can sleep while baby sleeps. I guess if you get all kiddos on a sleep routine that would be a solution, but I'm just confused about how that could even work.

    I am not yet at the fatigued stage of my pregnancy, but I'm sure it will soon come. I'm 25 weeks today actually, so just five weeks behind you!

    Have you come up with a baby name yet?

  2. Ack! I have no idea how 2nd time moms do it. We're currently contemplating #2, and the thought of doing it all times two scares me.

  3. Krissy/Red7/1/11, 8:29 AM

    Weeeee so exciting, albeit exhausting for mama! I am really looking forward to meeting your little girl. What an amazing time for your family. Q was 9 days early!?!? I'm freaking out over here. Kelly is due in 4 days!!! Yikes! xxoo

  4. We're in the homestretch! I am so excited for you!!! Keep us posted - I know you will!

  5. @Jessica - No name yet, but we do have a few on the list. We like to decide when we've seen the baby.

    @Law Mama - I understand the fear. I have to keep telling myself that people do this all the time.

    @Red - Ack! I'm so excited for Kelly. Please keep me posted!

    @Lori - Thanks for the support, girlfriend!

  6. the first sentence pretty much says it