Monday, June 13, 2011

27 Weeks: Goodbye 2nd Trimester

"Here I am, baby. Come and take me, take me by the hand." ~ Al Green

I can't believe it's almost over. The glorious 2nd trimester. Possibly the very last honeymoon pregnancy phase I will experience. But more than dreading the discomfort of the 3rd trimester, aka the summer of sweaty and swollen me, I'm in true countdown mode. Only three more months until I get to meet my baby girl! Will she be a mini me? Will she be a mini he? Will she be a mini combo? Will she be all pink and fairies and sparkles? Or rough and tumble and trucks like her big brother? Perhaps a bit of both? Even though my belly is hindering my view of my toes and I can feel her kicking and jabbing on the regular, it still seems so surreal that we will soon be a family of four. But I am getting oh so very excited for her to make her debut. At the same time, there's still much to do to prepare -- I probably should feel less complacent than I do.

In the meanwhile, at 27 weeks . . .

Current fruit/vegetable size: A head of cauliflower (hard to picture, I know) and about 14 and a half inches long with her legs extended

Cravings: Still the cinnamon cereal with extra milk, almonds, ice cream cones

Aversions: Mushrooms (usually a favorite of mine) -- I'll still eat them but sometimes too many of them in one dish make me want to throw said dish out the window.

Symptoms: Lower back pain, shortness of breath when walking up stairs, some trouble sleeping (already)

Movement: She likes to move it move it when her big bro is right next to us. Q still isn't patient enough to keep his hand on my belly to feel all of the action.

Looking forward to: Making some progress on the nursery; there's not much happening in there except some of Q's old baby stuff tossed around.

Not feeling very photogenic this week (as if that's something new), so here's a shot of my pretty "The Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It" pedicure in Tom's wedges. My feet are not yet swollen and I'm hoping they stay this way.

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  1. I am not much looking forward to the discomfort of the third trimester either. And, as far as us being prepared for becoming a family of four? Ha. Hardly. We haven't thought of the nursery, a name, a stroller, nothing. It's sad. I'm hoping that as time goes by we'll get our acts together, but it's not looking promising at this point.

    And, I am also digging Cinnamon cereal, too. I like Cinnamon Harvest by Kashi. I have it often in the morning with Vanilla Soy milk. Yummy.