Monday, May 23, 2011

Tweet Tweet, Baby

"All the little birdies on Jaybird Street love to hear the robin go tweet tweet tweet" ~ Michael Jackson

So, I've been obsessively collecting inspiration on Pinterest for baby girl's nursery. I'm leaning toward a sort of modern bird theme with a neutral background and splashes of bright color. Fitting for all this fluttering about baby girl has been doing. (Well, lately it's more like a large bird throwing itself from wall to wall in the cage that is my belly. She is feisty!) There are some adorable birdie decorations out there. And I like that it's not an overtly girly theme but I can drop elements of girl in here and there. (Perhaps a fairy or two?)

I definitely feel more excited about this nursery and I don't think the girl factor has much to do with it. When we were creating Q's nursery, it had to double as an office in our small condo. But now that we live in the house that we plan to be in for the foreseeable future, we can really make the room special. (In fact, Q's room is slowly but surely getting more fun as well.) Not sure if we will paint the room, but I definitely want some colorful wall art, perhaps a decal, and some fun details.

Here's a peek at what I've been pinning and pining over:
Rug via
Canvas via; Decal via

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  1. i want to decorate a girl nursery so badly I have legitimately considered having another NOW.

    vintage wallpaper, peacock feathers, chandeliers.....

    but for now I just keep dreaming.