Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wild Winning Streak

"You may be my lucky star. But I'm the luckiest by far" ~ Madonna

So, in an unlikely turn of events, I've actually been lucky and winning things lately. I feel like my friend Natalie who wins practically every contest, competition, and sweepstakes she enters. For instance, she recently won $200 on a scratcher. I don't know anyone who wins more than 5 bucks on those things. But this time I'm winning! Take that, Chatty. (Just kidding, homie)

Anyway, so far my lucky streak has been due to this wonderful world of blogging and the big-time bloggers who spread a little love to their readers. Mary from Mommyologist generously donated a $100 Spafinder gift card to one fortunate reader who watched her interview on Dallas Cyr's site and commented. And I was lucky enough to win! I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to reuniting with my Mom Sexy and indulging in a prenatal massage. Um, that sounds way naughtier that it is. But if hop on over to the Mommyologist, you'll know what I'm talking about. Thanks again to the MILF-y Mary and the inspirational Dallas for offering this giveaway.

 And then I entered to win a coupon for free Huggies via the witty and wonderful Morgan from The Little Hen House. All I had to do was comment on her Facebook page and bam! I was one of five winners. Free diapers may not sound like much to get excited about to some, but as I think about another couple years (at least) of diapering ahead of me, every free diaper counts big time. Be sure to check out The Little Hen House for a healthy dose of wisdom about motherhood and some fun, too. Thank you, Morgan!

So, you know how they say that good things come in threes? Well, I'm expecting one more win for ultimate Charlie Sheen-like domination. Could the next win be a perfectly healthy baby seen via ultrasound on the 21st? Possibly even a healthy girl baby? Is it weird to talk about my baby in the context of winning? Probably. Who the heck am I competing against here? Or maybe the win will be a quick and painless potty training of Q! More on that later. For now, let me revel in all of my glory.


  1. Congrats lady! You deserve it. ;)

  2. Congrats lady! You deserve it. ;)

  3. Duh, winning! Enjoy your spoils, warlock! ;)

  4. Yay@ Congratulations! I always like it when people I know (and like) win things! I am rooting for you to win your baby girl!