Thursday, April 14, 2011

On the Q-tip: My Tender Toddler

"Only tender ronis can give special love, a special kinda love that makes you feel good inside" ~ Bobby Brown

Today I'm 19 weeks pregnant, but I think it's about time for a little Q update. I miss writing his month day posts. And if we were still going by months, we'd say he's about 27 and half months at the moment. It's funny how time seems like it's flying when I think about how much he's grown and continues to mature at an alarming rate. But then there's the seemingly snail-like pace of this pregnancy. Ugh. How long is it until I drink wine meet this baby again? Anyway, back to the first born!

Q's vocabulary is immeasurable at this point. It's incredible how much he can communicate without actually stringing sentences together. He also will repeat any word he finds interesting. Not any word that you ask him to repeat, mind you. Just the ones he is intrigued by. He's also amazing with names. He loves to talk about the people he's met or spent time with recently. For example, our friend Camille came over the other night and he immediately started calling her "Mieu" or something to that effect. He now randomly says "Mieu? Mieu?" throughout the day. He also now truly calls me Mom (with the occasional Meem thrown in) and calls T Dad. Or sometimes he calls him Tob, which is hilarious. He obviously hears me yelling his name around the house because he doesn't just say "Tob", he hollers it.

Speaking of looking for folks around the house, Q is sort of like a sheep dog or any other kind of herding dog. He wants everyone to stay together in the same room. Lord help us if somebody has to go to the bathroom. He'll be asking for that person repeatedly and practically banging the bathroom door down until that person returns. But I think this is mainly because he enjoys being the center of attention and if someone leaves the room they may be missing a moment of the entertainment personified that is Mr. Q!

Working his Uncle Ted's ranch with Aunt Doogie in the background.

He also attends a Parent & Me Gymnastics/Movement/Music/Semi-organized Confusion class once a week now. You know, for developing social skills and for burning all of the energy possible in a 45 minute period. He seems to like it, but we did have to leave early from his class this week after an apparent overstimulation meltdown. There were twice as many kids this week due to their drop-in policy. He wanted to hug/push/pull the hair of pretty much every kid. After the third timeout in a 20 minute period, it was time to go home. But hopefully he's learning. And hopefully I'm learning to not be on the brink of an anxiety attack every week.

But overall, what I love most about this stage is his love for cuddling with his mama. When he's just waking up from a nap or when he's feeling low-key, he'll want to hug me and touch my face and kiss me and stay close. Heartmelt overload! I just want to eat him up. I'm trying to cherish these last months that we have one on one together. When he's still the only child. When he's still my baby.


  1. Congrats on the new baby! I've obviously been gone for a while!! Q is adorable...and why is it so hard to have any private bathroom time?! I don't even get to take a shower by myself anymore!!!
    Are you finding it hard being pregnant and chasing a 2 year old around. Justin and I are going to start trying for baby #2 in August and I'm nervous!!!

  2. I miss Q!! I'm super excited for our girls dinner tomorrow, but I need to roll out to Guido soon forsome Q-time! And btw, that pic of him workin' the land w/ Doogey is PRICELESS!

  3. OMG Q is so presh! And how in the world are you already 19 weeks pregnant!? Time is passing waaaay to quickly!!!! I am so excited for you Mama!

  4. I wish there are classes like that around in our area. Would have loved to bring my 1st born son there for some social skills development.