Sunday, April 24, 2011

20 Weeks: Tickled Pink

"She loves to be one of the girls. She lives in the place in the side of our lives where nothing is ever put straight." ~ Psychedelic Furs

Happy Easter! I'm 20 weeks along and everything is coming up girly! From the start of this pregnancy I've been feeling a very feminine vibe, particularly style-wise. But during the fall and winter, I was more inspired by the tomboyish, minimalist look, so the sudden attraction to floral prints and brighter colors sort of took me by surprise. Now it all makes sense, what with this chica in my belly. Plus being pregnant obviously makes you feel more feminine. It's basically womanhood all up in your face!

20 Weeks
Yes, the same dress as Melissa from Dear Baby. Couldn't help myself!

On M:
Dress = Francesca's Collection
Cardigan = Gap
Belt = Hive & Honey from Piperlime
Wedges = Reaction Kenneth Cole

On Q:
Shirt = Splendid Littles for Target
Pants = Old Navy
Shoes = Puma

We were headed out to Q's girlfriend's 1st birthday party on Saturday, so clearly Q had to look smart but be comfortable. He was just up from a nap for this photo and not in the best mood, but he soon warmed up as we neared Vivi's house and he saw so many of his favorite ladies there. Q hugged and kissed as many of them as he could throughout the party, but the birthday girl really got showered. He's not a player, he just crushes a lot. So, yes, we had a ton of fun at the fiesta.

Also, this is my first time participating in Harpers Happenings Steppin' Out Saturday link-up. I love checking out what those lovely ladies are wearing. Harper is such a doll and her mom Mandy makes staying chic as a mom look so effortless. Be sure to hop over there for some Easter eye candy!


  1. So cute! Baby bumps in cute dresses are the best. :D

  2. You are so cute with your dressed up preggo belly :)
    That's so exciting that it's a girl.....and I love seeing that dress worn in a variety of ways! So fun!

  3. I love this pink look - so cute and festive for Easter. :)

  4. you look so cute!! and you should email me at about contributing : )

  5. You look fabulous, mama! And , congratulations on the girl! I love the dress and your pregnancy glow. I am also enjoying being pregnant this time around and getting all "girly-fied."

  6. YOU rocked the pink! Congratulations again!