Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Working Out While Pregnant

Blah. That's how I feel about this topic. But I need to get moti to the vated.

During my first pregnancy, I didn't officially work out. But I did walk a ton because that's part of what my work entailed at the time -- going between an office and a warehouse and walking to and from the bus station. I probably walked a good half hour to an hour five days a week.

But now I work at a different job and work from home twice a week and do a lot more driving. I do rock out with Q and run around with him, but it's not quite the same. Plus, I just feel more exhausted this pregnancy. Probably because of said rocking out with Q. Or hormones. Probably both. Whatever. Excuses, excuses. Let's be honest here. I don't have a lot of motivation to exercise when I'm not pregnant. Dancing was wonderful for me because it didn't feel like exercise. But of course I haven't been to a class in a few years now and feel way out of shape in that regard. My goal is to get to a studio after this baby is born and find a dance class that suits my lifestyle now.

But what about now-now?

Fortunately there is one motivating factor. The sun has returned to the Bay Area! I almost didn't recognize that fireball up in the sky and in fact thought I had somehow been relocated to Seattle with the deluge of rain we'd been having. But no, the sun has reappeared and the great outdoors beckon me. I prefer to be outside, drinking in that fresh air and trying to get a look inside of my neighbors' houses checking out my beautiful surroundings, while I "work out." I will walk again! Tomorrow.

What about you, active mamas? How do you motivate to get moving while pregnant? Is prenatal yoga good for someone who's not very yoga-savvy? Any other classes you recommend?


  1. I need to get motivated on working out as well. Like you, I am way more exhausted this pregnancy than with my daughter. I am so lost at what to do right now :(

  2. I was very active before becoming pregnant, but when I was pregnant I had to cut myself a lot of slack. I really enjoyed prenatal yoga ... and I think you would too, even if you've never done it before -- especially if you need some alone, quiet time. Plus it's kinda cool to be in a room full of pregnant women ;)

    On another note, I hear swimming is great when you're pregnant.

  3. Check out The Dailey Method or Bar Method. I've been doing TDM classes for about 7 weeks and love it. I'm not preggers, but the studio and website have testimonials from women who did the workout during pregnancy (and I see pregnant women in class - both as students and instructors).

    First 30 days as a new student is $100 for unlimited classes.

  4. @Rashel, it's really tough, but I think it gets a tiny bit easier in the 2nd trimester. I'm feeling a little more motivated anyway.

    Thank you, ladies, for your suggestions! I'm open to trying a couple of different things to see what I like.

  5. I am never motivated to work out or to exercise. I always tell myself that the few plights up and down the stairs is good enough!