Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunny Sunday Morning

"It's why I'm easy . . . easy like Sunday morning." ~ Lionel Richie

Two of my favorite guys on a chilly but bright Sunday morning a couple weeks ago. It's observing these little moments that lighten my typical load of stress and worry and allow me to simply be content. So very thankful for the vibrant love that surrounds me. (Yes, I'm pregnant and feeling sentimental.)

I'm posting this from my spankin' new 13" Macbook Pro -- a belated b-day gift from T and his parents.  It's the first computer of my very own. Welcome me to the 21st century! Thankful in droves, I am.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I also have a Macbook and love it! I'm sure you'll love yours too!

  2. A smile & laughs from a kiddo sure relieve stress and make you smile. =)

    Love the pics!!

    and I also love the new banner & button!!

  3. beautiful pics...and congrats on the new mac book

  4. These make me miss you and your fam, Miches! Let's kick it soon. xox

  5. Thanks all! T is very happy to have his Macbook back to himself and I'm loving mine to pieces.

    Skye, I miss you too! Let's hang out sooner than later.