Friday, March 25, 2011

Cat Piss Pity Party

"Come on over over, we're having a party for you" ~ Yacht

You are cordially invited to my aromatic house. A house we like to call Guido. With a name like Guido, I'm sure you're imagining such inviting scents like hair gel, Italian sausage, and spray tanner. But no, this olfactory party is put on by piss. Elroy's piss, to be precise. He has rigged this crib to have his brand of aromatherapy wafting through Guido for your party-time pleasure. Just make sure to turn the heater on for maximum effect.

Yep. Elroy has been pissing down the heater vents. And at the bottom of the stairs to the garage. And on three pairs of shoes, including a pair of suede boots. I believe I've vented about this kitty before, but getting woken up in the night those months ago was like a tropical vacation compared to this crap. Ahem, piss.

So, like a good kitty parent, I took Elroy to the vet about a month ago and had his urine tested for any possible infections. He's had a couple problems in that area in the past, including a urinary tract infection around the holidays. But he was sent home from the vet with a clean bill of health. Well, physical health. Apparently, he's stressed. When the doc asked about any possible sources of stress, I wanted to pull out my iPhone and show her the extra large and in charge 2-year-old dictator of Guido.  Q's sadistic fun with El has improved slightly, but that doesn't make kitty any less anxious around him. Although he does stick around for more, so perhaps he's a masochist.

In any case, Elroy has been on anti-anxiety meds since then. Apparently this is not uncommon. But unfortunately I haven't noticed a single change in him. It's extra fun being pregnant in a house that reeks of cat urine. Do you mind if I cry on your shoulder? We're not quite sure what to do next . . .

In the midst of typing this on Wednesday night, Elroy starting urinating with blood repeatedly all over the place. While feeling immense guilt for complaining about what seemed to be his bad attitude, I realized that he was really sick. T took El to the emergency clinic and fortunately he's okay. He just has an infection and is now on pain meds and antibiotics on top of his anti-anxiety meds. We also put an extra litter box upstairs and took down our baby gate (finally). Q doesn't really need it anymore and Elroy seems to be thrilled to not have to jump over it. Elroy also seems to be on the mend. I'll keep you posted. Even though I realize that this isn't a cat blog and I could very well be driving away my few readers. Thanks for sticking around through this piss pity party!


  1. Awww, pobrecito gatito!! I'm so glad to hear Elroy's getting the treatment he needs. I hope you will soon be enjoying the rest of your pregnancy free from eau de cat piss!

  2. Wow! I'm so sorry this behavior continued after you guys tried the anti-anxiety meds. I wonder if there has been an infection all along and those initial tests just didn't catch it. In any case, I really hope E feels better soon. Kush has been leaving little poops all over the living room lately. Got a new litter box about a week ago but continue to find nasty turdlets here and there. Oy! Sending you all lots of love!!!

  3. I have a feeling that there has been some sort of infection all along, but I also think there's a behavioral/stress element. Hoping for the best. I hope Kush stops with the turdlets, too! What is it with these kitties?