Thursday, March 31, 2011

17 Weeks: Sweet Sunshiny Days

"Sunshowers that fall on my troubles are over you, my baby. And some showers I'll be aiming at you 'cause I'm watching you, my baby." ~ M.I.A.

17 weeks and feeling fine

Can you spot Q's head?

The weather has been miraculous for the last couple of days. 80+ degrees! And just a mere week ago, it was storming and all kinds of gloomy and I was beginning to think I had seasonal affective disorder. This 180 in a week's time tells you a little something about Bay Area weather. Madness. But I love it. Apparently I really needed this dose of vitamin D.

I couldn't resist pulling my beloved Macbook outside this morning to play with the Photo Booth and snap a few belly pics. Even though the sun was ridiculously bright and totally washed out the details of my outfit (mesh-y oversized grey sweater from H&M, pink racerback tank from UO, denim sailor shorts from Forever 21, Havaianas with feet that are in desperate need of a pedi). I've been meaning to post more fashion-oriented pregnancy photos (mostly because I love looking at how other people style themselves while preggo), but here I am at 17 weeks and haven't found the time to take any decent photos. And I've even worn some cute outfits, dammit. I will try to get my belly act together soon, though. This sun motivates me.

In other fun news, I became an auntie today! T's brother and my lovely sister-in-law welcomed their daughter Ruby Joy (isn't that a perfect name?) into the world this morning at 7am. So far I've heard only glowing reports about both mama and baby. I'm very excited to meet little Ruby. Q's first cousin!


  1. Krissy/Red4/1/11, 9:03 AM

    You look beautiful, new auntie & soon-to-be mama of two!!! xxoo

  2. yeah, look at the bump! you look amazing!!

  3. You look great and so happy! I can't wait until it warms up here. My last pregnancy was spent mostly in the winter, so some sunshine would be nice this time around!

  4. Great photos!
    I encourage you to take more preggy poses to photo-document your pregnancy. It's fun to see the photos after!
    And congratulations to the new baby in your family!