Friday, February 11, 2011

Vegas, Baby. Vegas.

"Viva Las Vegas turnin' day into nighttime, turnin' night into daytime, if you see it once you'll never be the same again." ~ Elvis Presley

As if that title isn't an overused phrase regarding Sin City. But I love Swingers and I couldn't help it. Plus, Vegas! T and I are heading off to the LV today to visit Sis-O and celebrate her Dirty Thirty.

And with this trip kicks off my 2nd momcation (as well as T's 2nd dadcation). Like our last getaway to San Diego, this one will be a mere 2 nights on our own. Two blissful nights, three-ish glorious days. But I know, like last time, that my heart will feel incomplete by the end of Day 2. That space that Q fills will be vacant for a couple of days. It's a tangible, physical feeling to not be around my little guy. Ouch. But I think I will be able to find enough distractions to get through it.

Namely, Sis-O's birthday! We plan to head out to a club or two on Friday night, hopefully do some outlet and strip shopping on Saturday, go to a birthday dinner at her favorite Mexican spot, and then head out to the Jabbawockeez show. I am reverting to Fly Girl-like excitement for the latter. If you didn't already know, I'm a huge fan of hip-hop dancing in any form. And these guys are the best of the best. And I get to see them with my sister! I'm feeling pretty lucky right now. Maybe I'll even tackle some slots. Ooh, so risky. Clearly, the gambling isn't what gets me hyped about Vegas.

Oh, and then there's the part where T and I will get some one-on-one time. Our last date night was in December, so two whole nights without wind-down, bathtime, brushing-a-toddler's-teeth-as-he-chomps-away-at-your-hand, 7-books-read before bedtime to get us all worn out will be such a treat. A nice, little Valentine's celebration.

And! We have one more piece of news worth celebrating this weekend -- Q got into our first choice of preschools! I'm sure it was my his essay that sealed the deal. More on that later because it's making me not want to leave my baby this weekend who will be off to school before I know it.


  1. So fun! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Hope you had a great time. You deserve it girl! xxoo

  3. Hope you had an awesome time!
    Congrats to Q on the pre-school! Such a big boy!