Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Naptime Naughtiness

 "Freedom, you've got to give for what you take" ~ George Michael

On these lovely days when I'm at home and not working, Q's naptime brings a couple of hours of unfettered bliss. Well, that is when I'm not feeling guilty for lacking in productivity. You see, there are the things I should be doing while Q takes a nap, and then there are the things I usually end up doing. And it goes a little something like this (hit it!) . . .

Should Do:

- Clean my closet (It's a nightmare in there right now. My once beautiful walk-in closet is not so pretty anymore, so I keep the door closed, of course.)
- Clean the kitchen floor (sweeping and mopping is much easier without little feet in the way, but it's oh so unappealing)
- Work out (I did this yesterday! Wahoo! But it had been over a week since the last time.)
- Research preschools (I've done this before and we've even visited . . . one. But clearly more needs to be done because we have not settled on any plan.)
- Fold laundry (ugh)
- Take a shower (well, I prefer to do this as well, but often I while away the hours in front of some sort of screen)
- Plan Q's birthday party that is a week and a half away (I suck at mama-hood and life)

Prefer to Do:

- Eat a decadent lunch all to myself
- Watch bad TV like the Millionaire Matchmaker marathon (I kind of hate most of the people on there, so it's beyond me why I get sucked in.)
- Play around online, shop, read blogs, check Facebook 9 times, etc.
- Play games on my iPhone, like Words With Friends or Angry Birds (I recently discovered the latter and wow, addicted much? And yes, I realize I'm late to the party.)
- Read a book or magazine (currently reading Mockingjay and it's bittersweet because that means I'm almost done with this series)
- Take a nap (this is a rare but absolute pleasure)
- Write meaningless, procrastinating lists on my blog

Clearly I need help. What do other mamas out there usually do during the kiddos' naptimes? I can't be the only indulger out there . . . right?


  1. I can't speak for the other mama's, but I imagine I'd be doing things from list 2 as well! Hey, you are on vacay, hopefully you allowed yourself some good guilty pleasure time of doing nothing important at all! That's what relaxin' is all about! :)

  2. I read, blog, watch tv, nap, workout, work, eat, make phone calls...The list goes on and on. I usually take care of household responsibilities while she is awake that way naptimes can truly be my time to do whatever.