Friday, December 10, 2010

Michies Mix: Foolish Friday

"It's Friday, I'm in love" ~ The Cure

I realize I haven't posted about music in a while, so here's a mini mixtape for your listening pleasure. Speaking of, I totally owe someone a mix (since the summer, I'm ashamed) and should be making one for Christmas presents. Here's some of the ish I'm feeling right now -- possibly a preview for some of you mixtape recipients.

Have I mentioned on here how much I adore Esthero? Love. Favorite. And she is finally coming out with another album at the end of the month. Not in time for Christmas (boo hoo), but just in time to start 2011 off with some magic (woo hoo!). While we're all holding our breath, there's this. And this from her archives that I had never heard before. It makes me want to hop into my very own DeLorean and go back to Santa Barbara, circa 1997.

And continuing the theme of reminiscing on college days, this is hilarious and so not mom-ish.("Y'all like Twitter and we like beer!") What? I went to a party school. But I swear I learned more than how to do a keg stand. I can write real good, too.


  1. I love People Under the Stairs! Fun tracks michessss!

  2. Love People Under the Stairs too!

  3. I love your unique music taste! The CD recipient is one lucky person.

  4. I love your taste! Well done girlfriend.