Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little Lord A-Leapin'

"All I want for Christmas is Q!" ~ Mariah Carey (as interpolated by Flyrish)

Our Christmas card image, 2010; photo by Kelli Yon

I'm on vacation this week and next. Pretty great, right? Two whole weeks of L-words. Being at home alone with a toddler is sooo relaxing. He gives me unparalleled head massages that consist of pulling my hair until my eyes tear up. Oh, and he's incredibly helpful with the Christmas prep. He wraps gifts (well, he rips the wrapping paper off of the tubes and runs around wielding them as weapons). He's my baking assistant (I pick him up repeatedly so that he can watch the stand mixer do its thing). And, he's my sidekick as I sweep and vacuum to get ready for our Christmas Eve gathering (I now have several bruises on my shins).

But, there is a silver lining. Q and I have a ton more bonding time, and he's honestly been a sweetheart compared to the Q of a couple months ago. Cuddly time by the fire. Fun outings all bundled up. Building forts. Sharing cookies. Turning the Christmas lights on together (and off and on and off and on . . .). He's such a bright light this Christmas -- I kind of wish I could pin him to the top of the tree. For several reasons.

May you all have a joyous lord a-leapin' or two in your lives this holiday season!


  1. LOVE that pic! Merry Christmas :)

  2. Quincy ...ur Christmas bully. Love u guys

  3. by far one of my favorite christmas card photos ever!!! love it!

    hope you had an awesome christmas with your little fam. AND... happy new year to you! maybe it be an amaaaazing year!!!

  4. Haha! So cute! Hope it was a great break!