Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Gratitude List

"Thanksgiving is a special night. Jimmy Walker used to say Dynomite" ~ Adam Sandler

I know, I know. How novel of me to talk about being grateful on Thanksgiving week. Well, it's been a while since I've written a gratitude list, so I thought it apropos to create one at this time of year when we celebrate all things turkey. Or Tofurkey for me and mine.

1. Yes, I'll say it. I'm grafeful for Tofurkey. T and I actually enjoy it. Q enjoys the stuffing inside. We had our own Tofurkey Day on Saturday. Since we don't want to shame my Filipino family on the actual holiday.

2. I'm thankful that my mom and dad created a Thanksgiving song. One year they woke up on Thanksgiving and thought, hey, why doesn't Thanksgiving have any songs? So they made one up (this was pre-Adam Sandler, obviously). The lyrics are as follows:

Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving!
We're going to have Thanksgiving!

I wake up on Thanksgiving every year and it's like I can hear my mom's voice singing that silly song. Now I have a Thanksgiving song to pass on to Q. And to all of you! You're welcome.

3. I'm grateful for the woman at the checkout stand who said that Q looks just like me but with blue eyes. It was a special moment. See? I'm not the nanny!

4. I'm thankful for our fireplaces. That's right. Two fireplaces! The ultimate in cozy ambiance for the holidays. I can't wait to sit by the roaring fire on Christmas morning. Or tonight for that matter. Because I can. You rule, Guido.

5. I'm grateful that more of my lovely friends are getting knocked up. Oh, the understanding they will soon possess. And the playdates that are more for us than for the little ones!

6.  I'm thankful for Giada de Laurentiis and her even-I-can-make-them recipes. I made her cranberry cornmeal cake with caramel sauce this weekend that turned out to be oh so yummy. Such a festive dessert for the season, too. It wasn't quite as moist as I had hoped, but it's something to work on. Totally my bad and not Giada's.

7. I'm grateful that I finally purchased my very own domain name. One that is more in tune with the actual title of this blog. Welcome to


  1. The cake was sooo yums, send me the recipe.

    And I second the yay for #5!

  2. AH!!!! Thanks for shout out on #5! (grins ear to ear)
    We will have to play-date on the beach in SB with our little ones!
    I am grateful for your friendship and your super enjoyable blog-it's such an amazing way to connect with you!