Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mamasay Memories: Random Reminders

"She's gone, oh I, oh I'd better learn how to face it" ~ Hall & Oates

I'm feeling quite list-y lately, so another list seemed right for this here topic. I've also been missing my mom quite a bit now that the holidays are in full swing. In years past, one of my favorite aspects of the holidays was getting to spend more quality time with my family. With my sister who would come home from Vegas or Long Beach. With my dad who always got a tree before everyone else and became a kid again once the Christmas lights went up. With my mom who simply loved this time of year.

Her birthday fell two days before Christmas, but she never really complained about it. She never wanted to throw herself a big party. Her favorite thing to do on her birthday was to read curled up on the couch and then go to a movie and grab a bite to eat with the family. She was someone who didn't need much to entertain her. But she certainly was fun to be around. And oh so cozy. You'll see what I mean with this list of random things that remind me of my Mamasay.

1. Carole King
My mom had a clear, strong singing voice, and she loved Carole King. Whenever I hear one of her songs, I think of my mom and how she had one of those naturally beautiful voices, too.

2. Constant Comment tea
Coziness in a cup.

3. Cinnamon raisin toast
Coziness in a slice. 

4. M&M's
Her simple pleasure.

5. Sigourney Weaver
My mom had a thing for Sigourney. Mostly she just liked saying her name in a sing-song way. Those who knew her know what I mean. She would yell it out randomly. Si-gour-ney Wea-ver!

6. Shirley Maclaine
The Apartment was my mom's favorite movie. My mom thought Shirley was the coolest.

7. Meet Me in St. Louis
If this movie was on, she couldn't pass it up.

8. Hall & Oates
We listened to that album a lot in my house when I was a wee one. My Sis-O sang "Maneater" at 2. Yeah, all that stuff about apples staying close to the trees they fall off of is true.

9. Lifetime movies
Our shared guilty pleasure. They actually used to be Monday night movies on basic network channels, but then that delicious trash moved to Lifetime. Like that one about the Stolpa's who got stuck in the snow. I'll stop here before I offend someone. And date myself even more.

And I'm stopping at 9 because whenever she wanted to exaggerate slightly, she would use the number 9. As in "you already told me 9 times." So, I guess the number 9 is really my 10th random reminder, but we'll just pretend there are 9 for her sake. It was her go-to number.

I miss you, Mamasay.


  1. Awww. Hall & Oates was big in our house too!

  2. Great photo! Carole King reminds me of your mama too! She was mentioned in some biography show I watched not too long ago and I immediately thought of Terri. Awesome post, as always. Love to you and your family. ♥

  3. I love your list and this whole activity of remembering your mother in this way. It's amazing how seemingly insignificant things take on new, richer meanings by the meanings given by our loved ones. My dad loved circus peanuts. Whenever I see them, I think of him.

  4. Such a sweet post!