Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cuddles > Crashes

"Hooray hooray, I'm your silver lining" ~ Rilo Kiley

T and I took an extended Thanksgiving weekend even though we stayed in town. It was much-needed. T had been working a ton of overtime in the last couple of months, so on top of feeling like a single mom, I sort of just missed the guy. And Q certainly was ready for a little QT with his daddy. I had visions of us cuddled up by the fire, sipping on our respective bottles. Perhaps a date for Mommy and Daddy. Some fun frolics in the holiday air.

But, lo and behold, the weekend didn't turn out quite as I had envisioned it.

First on the menu, a financial setback. The ramifications of this issue sent my already prickly emotions on overdrive. Let's just say the holidays are not what they used to be for me. Yep. I lost it. All in front of poor Q, too. I went to the darkest place possible. We wouldn't be able to have Christmas. We would be eating rice and beans for every meal. I could no longer shop online on Black Friday! Darkness, I tell you. But then T got everything sorted out and, while we will have to make some adjustments, it won't be quite so bad. He pulled me out of my personal Black Friday hellhole. I think I forgot to mention how thankful I am for him when I wrote my Thanksgiving gratitude list. So, I am grateful that he deals with my insanity and manages to still want to kick it with me sometimes. And then I checked the calendar. Oh. Right. Bloating should follow shortly hereafter.

Then Q kicked off the holiday season with a nasty cold. Not that the cold itself was so terrible. It was more his attitude. Usually he breezes through a cold, blissfully unaware of his snot-coated face. But this time everyone and everything ticked him off. He refused every Thanksgiving goody I threw at him. Including my homemade pumpkin cheesecake. And he basically scowled at every relative who smiled at him. As the weekend progressed, he began to resemble an angry Rudolph.

Then my face broke out. Hello? I am a mother. I am 30-something. Not 13-something. Why does nobody tell us these things about adulthood?

Fortunately, there were some highlights, including an escape to the movies with one of our favorite couples to view Harry Potter 7.1. Q also started calling me "Meem", "Maim" or "Mimi". And there were some scrumptious cuddles by the fire. Plus, we got a gorgeous tree for our first Christmas on Guido. It smells divine up in here. Okay, the weekend wasn't half bad. Dwelling on the bad just makes for better storytelling.


  1. I really hope the Christmas holiday goes a lot better for you than the Thanksgiving one did! :)

  2. Angry Rudolph! Great description, I can just see Q's poor red nose. $ stuff sucks! I am glad you guys found a way to make it work. Tough times definitely make simple pleasures all the more enjoyable, that is what we are discovering. I am glad you got some fireside cuddles and that your tree is smelling like Xmas!