Friday, November 19, 2010

Birthday Brouhahas

You know it doesn't make much sense, there ought to be a law against anyone who takes offense at a day in your celebration" ~ Stevie Wonder

So, I have a couple of birthday parties to plan in the next few months. Two very different parties for two very important people in my life. Fact: I am not great at event planning. Fact: I wish I was better at it. Fact: Because I love a good party. I think this final fact is the reason I volunteer to host them . I have grand dreams of throwing a perfectly fabulous gathering in which every guest is glowing with utter enjoyment. Perfect food. Perfect decor. Perfect music. The perfect blend of a relaxed yet fun atmosphere. But then I get bogged down in the details and become so stressed out that I'm whimpering to T about napkin options. And then I proceed to lower my party planning expectations. And I'm like, let's just do something that doesn't require me having an anxiety attack.

Party #1: Q's 2nd Birthday

He turns 2 in early January, and I feel for the poor guy because I'm already like, ugh, so soon after the holidays? We're hosting Christmas Eve for the first time this year (I know), and only a couple of weeks later I'll have to whip up some sort of fiesta for a guy who likely won't remember it. His 1st birthday was . . . hmm, how should I put this? A clusterf@#%. We had just moved into Guido, so we had a combined housewarming/1st birthday celebration. We rushed to unpack and organize in time for the party, and let's just say by the time party day rolled around I was a bit tuckered out. I have a large extended family. I felt terrible when I realized that I had somehow forgotten to invite a few family members and family friends. Yet we still hosted around 50 people. I also forgot to take a family photo on that day. For shame! Not surprisingly, I want to keep things simple and small this time around. Something we can relax and enjoy as a family. Without feeling guilty for not concocting some uniquely-themed blowout.

Q's 1st birthday: Poppa delivers the 1st cupcake

Party #2: Sis-O's 30th Birthday

My Sis-O (D) turns 30 in February. D lives in Vegas and wants to keep the festivities in town. Oh, what ever will we do in that humdrum place? This party will not be in my home. This party will require an awaycation. This party will consist of grownup games. The extent of my hosting will be picking up the table service tab. Is it wrong to be a wee bit more excited for this one?

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  1. Oh man! I feel you! I can't believe you hosted 50! I am super impressed. My largest was a brunch of 16 and that was 3 years ago...ugh! I have still not recovered I guess! haha! I bet you will pull it off brilliantly though! It must get easier with practice, right? Right? Whimper!