Saturday, November 06, 2010

415 For Life

"When the lights go down in the city, and the sun shines on the bay, oh I want to be there in my city" ~ Journey

San Francisco, how I love thee! Your denizens may consider me "bridge and tunnel" now that I live and love in Oakland*, but you will always be my first love. My first urban love, anyway. I can't think of anything more appropriate for my 100th blog post. It's a celebration, b!tche$!

Sometimes I forget how much San Francisco means to me. But the sheer euphoria and energy in this beautiful city this week hit refresh in my brain. I admit that I'm not the biggest baseball fan, but I've always had love for the Giants. When both of your parents grew up in SF with a fierce loyalty to their hometowns and its teams, it's only natural that you would follow suit. My great grandparents on my mom's side came here from Ireland and instantly fell in love with the city. My Poppa (great grandpa) was a cable car conductor. How much more San Francisco can you get! My Gram (mom's mom), who I tend to channel from time to time, loved everything about San Francisco and always had the game on her TV and on her radio. And my Papalut (dad's dad) moved here from the Philippines in 1951 and developed a deep love for the Giants and the Niners, which of course trickled down to his six kids. I mean, it's in my blood. Red and gold blood. Orange and black blood. So, you can't really call me a bandwagon fan. I've been here for years.

I have awesome memories of when the Niners won back-to-back Super Bowls in 1988 and 1989, and we would all be watching at Papalut's house. When they won, we piled into my aunt's convertible VW Bug and drove around high-fiving everyone on the street. Now, 20+ years later, I get to share this joy of an SF victory with Q. The Giants are the World Series Champions! Really! We're not dreaming!
I took Q to the Giants victory parade, and it was one of the most amazing events I've ever witnessed in SF. We were lucky enough to watch from a friend's office high above the crowd. Q got caught up in the mood and yelled and waved his orange pom-pom and cheered along with us. He had no clue what he was witnessing, but the revelry was contagious.

T is all about Oakland teams since that's where he grew up, so I figure Q will want to be like Daddy and root for the A's and Raiders some day. But I won't hesitate to remind him that SF is in his blood. That when he was just a wee thing, the Giants made our collective hearts burst. That San Francisco united in feeling like, at this memorable moment, we ruled the world of baseball. That what we had known all along -- that our city was the best place to be -- was proven to the rest of the world.

You've really got a hold on me, San Francisco. No matter where I go, you're always with me. And I have the Giants to thank for reminding me not to take you for granted.

*Don't you fret, Oaktown. Your love letter is coming soon  . . .


  1. I am so glad you are getting to celebrate this victory with your son! It's a special time. I still remember when my hometown (Houston) won back to back NBA championships in the mid-nineties. We were all so excited it wasn't even funny.

    And I don't watch basketball. lol!!

  2. I'm not a sports fan (no no, don't hit me, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have told you) - but I enjoyed this post - my great grandfather was a cable car conductor, too! Only in the late 1800's - phew! I have an old pix of that. And loved that hi-fiving on the streets - I can see it!

  3. Oh yeah, forgot - visiting from our Content is King tribe!

  4. Love San Fran! It's been much too long. We spent our honeymoon there, so young and filled with excitement and possibility. Wonderful city.