Saturday, October 16, 2010

This is My Confession

Today I have the very special honor of guest posting at one of my favorite blogs to visit, Depressions and Confessions. Alexis is witty and thought-provoking and smart. Even though I'm older than her, I look up to her. Possibly because she seems wise beyond her years. She recently has had some controversial posts with some awesome discussions. What I admire most about her is she can gracefully and eloquently speak her mind, and I don't always agree with her but I always respect her opinion.

Please visit me over at her blog, give me a little comment love, and definitely check out the rest of her blog. Believe me, it's worth it.

And for those of you visiting Flyrish Foibles for the first time, welcome! Peruse my favorites page for some posts that will reveal a little bit more about me and this here blog. And thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi...also struggle with PMDD. It is very very real. I have thought about leaving my hubby and kids, suicide...only during this time. It's not every cycle for me, but when it is, WATCH out!! I worked with a couple of different doctors and tried many different things, but finally found something that works for me, so don't give up. If you'd like to chat you can email me at yyendyss at yahoo dot com. HUGS!!

  2. Thank you, Syd. I appreciate you reaching out and giving me advice. It really helps!