Monday, October 11, 2010

Leisure-Suited Life

"I think I want to live the sporting life . . . good times, these are the good times" ~ Chic 

Ahh, the 3-day weekend. I'm fortunate to be one of the lucky few who still gets Columbus Day (aka Native American Day of Sorrow) off. A long weekend always leaves me suitably rested and rejuvenated for work, which leads me to believe that a 4-day workweek would be ideal. Wait, let's reverse that. A 4-day weekend and 3-day workweek would be ideal. Anyway, back to this past weekend which allowed me to indulge in some favorite leisurely activities of yore. Well, my yore at least (yore = before Q).

T and I celebrated our anniversary by doing something completely unique -- dinner and a movie. We ate at an amazing Pan-American restaurant right on the water called Bocanova, which catered surprisingly well to vegetarians. The huarache flatbread was delicious and like nothing I've ever eaten, but the most drool-worthy part of the meal came at the end and we almost skipped it. Warm chocolate croissant bread pudding with Mexican chocolate ice cream. It was better than it sounds. Serious food porn going on there.

Then we saw Social Network which was genuinely fascinating and well-done. I'm still thinking about it a couple of days later, which is a pretty good sign. Like, is Mark Zuckerberg really that much of a selfish dick? Who was actually in the wrong? What ever happened to Sean Parker? There's no way he's as cute as Justin Timberlake, right? Yup, just checked. Not so cute. And how unaccomplished do I feel next to these creative geniuses? More importantly, how did this guy know that so many people (namely me) would be addicted to Facebook and not just college kids? Anyway, I won't spoil it any further for you guys. Definitely worth checking out if you're at all intrigued by social media. And if you're reading this blog, then I'm guessing you might be. Because I'm a social media expert, right? Why am I talking about this movie as if no one's heard of it?

Last night, after settling Q into bed and realizing that I could probably stay up later and catch up on some sleep during his nap 'cause woo-hoo, no work, I popped in a Netflix movie. I finally watched An Education, which was nominated for Best Picture last year. Carey Mulligan was also nominated for her role and I can see why. Plus, I love 1960's England, so the styling and the music and everything had me escaping into that world, even though it was a fairly simple movie cinematically. Mainly, it was well-written and superbly acted. And now I want to cut my bangs again and wear shift dresses with tailored wool coats.

Also, T picked up the new Mark Ronson for me when he was at Amoeba and so far so cool. If you're unfamiliar with Mark Ronson, he produced both Amy Winehouse and Lilly Allen's hit albums. His new album is called Record Collection and it's really lush, fun, and upbeat with some great guests. Including Q-Tip! My Q already loves shaking his booty to it.

Good food, movies, and music all in one weekend! It's like I traveled back in time or something. I now have hope for the future.


  1. So funny "aka Native American Day of Sorrow", loved it.

    I really liked An Education too, how good was Carey Mulligan?!

    As much as I love the 4 day weekend/3 day work week idea, might I suggest the 5 day weekend/ 2 work day idea instead.

    Happy anniversary!!!

  2. Lori, my work actually calls it that! Pretty cool, huh?

    And yes, I don't know what I was thinking with calling the 4 day weekend/3 day workweek ideal. It was more like a decent compromise.

  3. What a great weekend!