Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ish My Sis-O Says: An Oldie But Goodie

"Let's get physical, physical, I want to get physical" ~ Olivia Newton-John

During our early childhood years, my mom stayed at home to care for us while my dad worked full-time. She was very involved in helping out at my school, so she would often visit the school and bring my sister along. D developed a friendship with the school principal, Mr. Linharris. She was about 2 or 3 years old and all kinds of adorable, and we already know what a character she was at that age. I'm sure she was an endless source of pleasant distraction for Mr. Linharris.

So, one day my mom goes to the school with my sis-o in tow and leaves her in the principal's office to hang out for a few minutes. After she was done doing whatever brought her to the school (probably my forgotten lunch), she scooped up my sis-o from his office and asked her what she talked to Mr. Linharris about.

D looked at my mom and said, "I told him, 'let's get physical, physical, I want to get physical, let's get into physical.'" Well, she more sang this than said it. 

My mom flushed red but couldn't help dissolving into laughter. And she was never sure if D really sang that to the principal or if she was just acting goofy with my mom. To this day, it's hard to tell if she's telling the truth or trying to entertain herself at your gullibility's expense.

And now for the classic Olivia Newton-John video. I'm not sure if it's disturbing, quintessentially '80s, softcore gay porn, or just plain cheesy. Probably a combination of the aforementioned. But it definitely makes my sister's suggestion to Mr. Linharris that much more awkward. At least it must have been for my mom. Poor Mamasay. Wherever you are, I hope you're laughing right now.


  1. Hahaa! Nice, D!!! I was thinking of you two the other day. I came across a card my sister gave me years ago. Inside, she had included the words to that wonderful song...
    My sister
    We sure ain't got a whole lot of time
    So shake your shimmy, Sister
    Because honey, Sis-O is feeling fine!


  2. OK so to continue with the inappropriate talk in the principal's office...we were in his conference room today having a meeting. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I got back, one of the male teachers in the room was like "Aww man. I got all excited because I thought that lunch was here." I totally had to hold myself back from saying in front of everybody "Yeah, I got something for you to eat." Principals' offices are my muses for inappropriate banter. Therefore, I probably did sing that to Mr. Linharris back in the day...

  3. Hilarious! This was the first record I ever bought and used to go around singing it everywhere! I think I was like 7? So awesome, thanks for bringing back memories. I'm sure I caused my mom lots of embarrassing moments with this song too!

  4. Hahaha! That's so cute! I love that song, and apparently your sister did too!

  5. D, that was pretty nasty. I'm glad you held that in.

    Glad I could bring back some fun memories for you ladies, too!