Sunday, October 31, 2010

Half-Assed Halloween

 "Anything can happen on Halloween . . . your sister could turn into a bat" ~ Tim Curry

Happy All Hallow's Eve, folks. I can't believe it's already the last day of October. We were supposed to take Q to the pumpkin patch, weren't we? We were supposed to carve pumpkins, me thinks. We were supposed to make a creative and uber-cute costume for our little monster. Well, with T working a ton of overtime and me working two full-time jobs (Q definitely qualifies as full-time), these traditional Halloween rituals sort of fell to the wayside. I know, excuses. I admit that Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. I do love scary movies and I'm never one to pass on a "fun size" candy bar, but we've established here before that I'm not crafty and I think Halloween is all about flashing your crafty side.

Instead, Q will don a generic Darth Vader costume that's a size too small, with a hat he refuses to keep on. We're sort of trying to put a creative spin on it by making him MC Vader, but so far he's not digging the gold chains either. We're taking him to a party with our friends. Fortunately, he thinks they're all there for his amusement.

I wish I had more motivation to make this a fun holiday for Q. I tell myself he won't really remember this Halloween anyway. There's always next year, right? To become a better parent, I mean.


  1. You have your hands full! Please don't feel guilty that your Halloween was "half-assed" because it absolutely wasn't. Q is too cute and I think you hilarious - MC Vader. I love it!

    Don't fall into the guilt's too late for me but you can still save yourself!

  2. There is always next year, next week, tomorrow, an hour from now, I often remind myself, to be a better parent! lol.

    And, I love the costume! Very cute!

  3. Don't feel bad.
    One they won't remember.
    Two. There are moreee years to come.

    I love taking pictures to remember the I don't want keep this on my head phase. =]

    plus there's more holidays coming so you can start planning for those

    I wish I couldve made a custome!!

  4. I am impressed you got Q in a costume and you got in a costume AND went to a halloween party! That is leaps and bounds beyond what I did this year! :)
    I look at you as SUPER-MAMA!
    I love the photos and Q is going to love hearing the stories about how he wasn't diggin' his gold chains and helmet when he gets older! I bet you he tries to re-do the costume when he is 15!