Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flyrish 'Fit

"You know my steez" ~ Gangstarr

I'm going to try something new on my blog. Most of you already know that I love clothes and shoes and all things fashion. But the world of fashion bloggers can be very intimidating. I adore looking at their editorial photos, their expert mix of high/low fashion, and their youthful glow, but at this point in my life, I don't think I have the time, energy, photographer boyfriend, lack of under-eye circles, or, more importantly, standout style to ever count myself as one of them. Anyway, I have no problem writing about fashion. It's revealing photos of myself in my clothes that makes me feel, well, silly.

But I have been inspired by one of my favorite bloggers to post an outfit that I feel is representative of my uniquely Flyrish brand of style. Now, I don't know how unique I really am since I do love to follow a good trend now and again. I'd like to think that I'm not a slave to fashion, but I always want to be current or a step ahead if possible, yet find what works for me. Or what I think works for me. I mean, I know I am far from a model when I'm 5'3" on a good day, can't smize for the life of me, and my clothes are often accessorized with Q-inflicted stains. Sheesh, can you tell that I'm not in my comfort zone?

Anyway. Let's break out of my blog's comfortable bubble.

I wore this to a friend's birthday party. The dress was a great find at H&M -- my go-to store for trendy-yet-versatile items on the cheap. The boots are from Aldo and the tights are Urban Outfitters. The fish charm necklace is vintage and the long necklace (added later) was made by my dear friend Lisa, designer of Piecemaker Jewelry. Love her stuff to pieces.

Also, fresh haircut and color! Getting used to bangs all over again is somehow not as easy as it seems. I want to try styling my hair in messy bob fashion a la Alexa Chung. Such a mom-friendly style but not mom hair. And that, my friends, is the gist of my style lately. Trying to be chic and not look like the stereotypical mom while still being comfortable. I don't always succeed, but I try.


  1. You look great. I think (in so many ways) it is VERY easy to lose yourself once you have kids. You go with what is easy as you adjust to a new baby & some women just kind of stay there. I have my sweatpants days for sure. I also try to be true to me which means NOT blending in with the thirtysomething identical bob (Hold up, I LOVE my hair in a chin length bob but don't do it to fit in. Now my hair is long), capri wearing moms on the playground. I pull myself together, put some makeup on, tarde in the sneakers for real shoes, grab some jewelry & ultimately, I feel better. If you feel good, it shows.

  2. You look BEAUTIFUL. So effing hot, girl. Damn.

  3. LOVE the hair, Meesh! You look tres chic (AS USUAL)!!! xox

  4. Aubrey, yes, so very true. And if I feel good, I'm a better mom, so I can now justify all of my shopping sprees. Right? Ha.

    And thank you all for the lovely compliments! I'm blushing.

  5. You look BEAUTIFUL Michie! I absolutely love the outfit and those boots-SO AWESOME!