Monday, September 13, 2010

Skipping Off Into the Sunset or Dragging Heels in the Dust?

"Look out weekend 'cause I here I come" ~ Debbie Deb

So, we're finally doing it. We're venturing out to the great unknown beyond. On our own. No hand-holding. No drool-covered travel clothes. No strollers. That's right. We're leaving Q behind for a weekend away. Elroy can handle things at Guido (with a little help from Grandma). We're heading to San Diego for my cousin's wedding. Woo-hoo?

As is typical with my wavering nature, I can't decide if I'm thrilled beyond belief or filled with dread to leave Q for 40 long short hours. I've never been away from him for one night, and here I am throwing two nights at him. Buck up, big boy Q. You'll be the man of the house for two whole nights. Elroy may think he's in charge, but if you can sit on him, you probably rule the roost. Oh man. Those two will probably throw a party when G-ma is fast asleep. A party full of scratching and ripping up the furniture and raiding the pantry for "crack" (Q lingo for snacks/crackers) and kitty treats.

Of course I know he'll be fine under Grandma's care. And she's really looking forward to a weekend of Q cuddling. But I wonder, will he think we've abandoned him? Will he wonder why we're gone for so long? Does he have any concept of time yet? Will he even notice? I may have something in my eye on Friday night . . .

. . . called tears of joy! T and I will be blessed with two whole mornings of freedom. Sure, the nights will be lovely, especially the wedding night during which we can get properly festive. But that Saturday morning will be absolute heaven. I probably won't be able to sleep in from the excitement of it all, but I can loll around. Oh, how I fondly remember lolling! Leisure. Lounging. Lolling. L-words are for people without toddlers. And we will be those people for a brief period of perfect time. Time spent 'laxing and sitting all languid-like by the pool. Having cocktails while we . . .

. . . talk about how much we miss Q. Maybe there will be some hand-holding.

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  1. Such a big step, but also exciting to have some one on one couple time. Hopefully a few phone calls will help ease the distance. Hope you two have a fabulous weekend filled with all your favorite L's! :)