Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Melody

"Check out my melody" ~ Rakim

No, I'm not talking about the Sanrio character. Although she was one of my favorites when I was a wee thing. I like that she had a brother named Rhythm. I just now learned that. We didn't have these interwebs when I was coming up to find out such pertinent info. Digressing as I do. . .

I've been feeling a little blah when it comes to music lately. I typically like to have a good mix CD on when I'm driving, but I've been relying on the radio too often. And, ugh, so disappointing. If I hear "California Girls" one more time, I might move out of the state that I so dearly love. Don't even get me started on "Toot it and Boot it." I want to expose Q to the kind of music I really enjoy. We already know he's feeling Stevie Wonder, so he's got some soulfulness in him. I'm thinking I might need to introduce Q to one of my all-time favorite groups -- A Tribe Called Quest.

Yes, I'm a mom who thinks it's okay for her kid to listen to hip-hop. As long as the song is not laced with profanities and has a positive feel, then I don't see any harm in it. A while back I was reading an article online about how great music is for little ones, and some moms posted comments about the kind of music they played for their babies. Of course they listed classical tunes as their top choice, maybe some folky rock, a bit of reggae. Sweet, happy, mellow music. They were like, of course no hip-hop or hard rock. But I don't see nothin' wrong . . . with a little bump and grind. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I definitely see something wrong with perverted R. Kelly and that's not what Q will be listening to. But he will get a healthy does of Tribe and De La Soul. Why shouldn't he hear the music that brought his parents together?

My musical leanings have expanded in the last few years. I really love a little bit of everything and I'd like Q to taste pieces of all kinds of music until he finds his ultimate "num num." But hip-hop has been such a big part of my life that I can't imagine him not hearing it. It's not like we're going to be blasting Wu-Tang before bedtime. Only during breakfast. (Sheesh, I'm really dating myself with the '90s hip-hop references.)

And, as for something new that I'd be eager to dance around the family room with Q to, the new Big Boi is sure to make an impression. (Don't mind the disturbing screen shot -- I probably won't show him the video just yet.)

To the moms out there, what kind of music do you play for your little ones? Am I crazy for playing hip-hop for Q? Will it rot his brain? To the not-yet-moms, what kind of music are you excited to share with your kids someday?


  1. I love hip hop too as does Little BooBoo. I just can't help it, I gotta shake my booty you know, lol! I see no harm just like you so long as the words are clean.

  2. Hi there!

    I just found your blog.

    I'm also the kind of mom who think i's ok to listen to out of the norm music for kiddos.

    I love reggae , rock, and also all types of spanish music.
    Of course i have children's songs but they're all in spanish since I'm raising my kiddo bilingual.

    As long as they enjoy it, there's no profanity, then to me ther's no harm.

    PS. Your kiddo is a cutie! I love the story of how music brought you two together and how you came up with your blog name. =)

  3. you're so right. all those books that say that babies should only listen to classical are SO culturally bias!

  4. I too just just found your blog. Very cute. I love your family picture! Probably one of the best I've seen.

  5. definitely hip hop and they bounce up and down when they hear it - budding hip hop dancers both of them!

  6. Thank you for making me feel like I'm a decent mom, ladies! I'm glad I'm not alone when it comes to playing more than classical music for my guy.

  7. As a little one, I had a miriam makeba album (pata pata) and The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack on record and listened to them both endlessly. My favorite song was Kool & the Gang's 'Open Sesame', no doubt the funkiest and freakiest track on the album....HECK YES-expose Q to the music that is you and Toby, it will no doubt benefit him and he will find his favorites in the music you play. You and Toby are what I call musical guru's and you can't keep that amazing side of yourselves from Q, cause no doubt it's in his blood too and he needs to tap into that ASAP! :) xoxoEJ