Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ish My Sis-O Says

"I wish I was little bit taller, I wish I was a baller" ~ Skee-Lo

Is it possible to look up to your younger sister? Why, yes it is! Especially when your sister, four years your junior, is five inches taller than you. I believe she started passing me up when she hit the 5th or 6th grade, and if you're a mathematician, you've realized that would put me in 9th or 10th grade. I remember feeling jealous occasionally, but I also thought, hmm, how can I work this to my advantage? Maybe she could be a model since she had the height and the looks and I could be her manager. I remember dressing her in '90s grunge and posing her on our fireplace. Baggie overalls, flannel tied around her waist, slouchy beanie. Let's just say that little pipe dream didn't last.

D preferred applying her continual growth spurt to the basketball court. And she was indeed a fierce, passionate baller. Now she coaches basketball (along with teaching middle school English) and to say she takes it seriously would be a serious understatement. Fortunately, she's coaching high school JV girls for the first time this year, so at least it's a step closer to her NCAA mentality.

Trying to make myself look taller. Not working.

But aside from the literal upward glances, I look up to my younger sister for so many real reasons. But my absolute favorite part of her personality? The trait that I can only wish to possess? Her quick wit. Oh man. If she were a freestyle rapper, she would win every battle. Sarcasm in spades, that one. My mom was known for her sarcastic sense of humor, and while I think I've got some of that in me, I only dabble in it when compared with my Sis-O.

D was a character from the get-go. At two years of age, she was walking down the street in San Francisco with my mom and she saw a can of Dennison's Chili in the gutter. She pointed to it and said, "Oh, chili bean is not my lover." Two years old. And yes, we listened to the Thriller album a lot at my house.

D lives in Las Vegas and has been there for about seven years now. Before that, she was away at college and before that I was in college. And essentially, we haven't lived in the same city or area for 15 years. We see each other a couple times a year and of course we talk on the phone and Facebook and email, but sometimes I wonder how much we really know each other nowadays. I knew girlhood D very well, better than probably anyone else. We were close. We fought like typical siblings, but we hung out a lot. Then we started growing distant when I was in high school (not just in height) and things just kind of changed. I guess it's something that happens, but I wish we had remained closer.

We recently have had a couple of really good talks. It makes me miss her more. But all of this is simply to introduce a new series of blog posts I'm starting called "Ish My Sis-O Says." Yes, like the beloved Shit My Dad Says.  But better because it's my Sis-O and she cracks my ish up. Chili bean is just a warm up.

Love ya 2 and a half, D!


  1. After reading several of your posts in a row, including the posts about mamasay, it makes me so happy to read about your relationship with D. My sis is far away too, but there is nothing like a great phone call with your sis to completely make your day! You two are so lucky to have each other and I know your relationship is gonna be a super close one for all of your lives!
    Love you!

  2. LOVE, love, love the new post series! Your Sis-O is hilarious, indeed, and I can't wait to read more D gems! Chili beans made my day....