Monday, September 20, 2010

Ish My Sis-O Says: 'Rinos

"Sister, you've been on my mind. Oh, sister, we're two of a kind." ~ "Shug Avery"

One lovely Sunday a few weeks back, my dad, D, T, and I were at a wedding for an old family friend. The bride's mother is my sister's godmother. So does that make them godsisters? Or would godsisterhood only occur between multiple goddaughters from the same godmother? How does religious guardianship work? Wait! Don't close that tab just yet -- I do have a story here.

After the ceremony and just as the bruschetta and stuffed figs were being passed out, we began guessing which of the wedding guests were ballerinas. You see, the bride was a ballerina. She danced with the Oakland Ballet for several years and with smaller companies as well. She was incredibly talented. Beautiful to watch and a true star. (And the only reason I'm using the past tense is because she now teaches pilates and no longer dances professionally. I'm sure she can still pirouette and jete with the best of them.) So, of course we knew there would be some ballerina friends in attendance. I looked around and asked, "What do you call guy ballerinas?"

D replied, "Balladeers. I think they're called balladeers."

I said, "Um, I think that's what you call someone who sings ballads."

D started chuckling because she likes to test my gullibility from time to time.

T chimed in, "Ballerinos?"

D said, "Let's just call them 'rinos. If you see one, just say 'rino. 'Ahem, excuse me, we were wondering if you were a 'rino.'"

So, for the rest of the wedding we 'rina and 'rino spotted and had ourselves a grand time. There may or may not have been an open bar with top shelf liquor. And now that I'm reading this over I'm realizing the hilarity of the situation may not transcend the setting. One of those "you just had to be there" moments. With a Manhattan in hand.

I'm pretty sure the reason I'm thinking about this memory is because I missed my sister this weekend. The wedding we attended was gorgeous and full of happy, teary eyes and raucous celebrating, but I know it would have been that much more fun if she had been there. In the moments when I was feeling guilty for leaving Q behind, she would have verbally smacked some sense into me. And probably literally, too. Whatever I needed, she'd be there. Fortunately, Toby was there to remind me of why it was nice to have a weekend to ourselves. And it truly was lovely. But seeing my mom's side of the family without my mom was hard, and I would have felt more, I don't know, fortified with my sister there, too.

I don't think there were any 'rinos at this wedding, but I'm sure we would have had another inside joke going. I'd better schedule a visit soon. How else will I keep this series going?


  1. lol, what a word.

    I know how difficult it is to miss family. Some of my fam lives on another couuntry. =(

    Good memories help remember the good times and want to plan for more.=D

  2. Awww, definitely get a sister visit going soon, and when you two are far away, a phone call always helps!

  3. Sorry I couldn't be there with you sis-o. Next time, time!