Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Lines . . .

. . . from songs.

If you haven't noticed already, I'm sorta-kinda into music. A great beat will  tickle my dancing fancy and sometimes compel me to enjoy a song despite the lyrics. There are many of those beats-first-lyrics-later songs in the world. In fact, most of popular radio is filled with such melodies. But the really memorable songs, the ones that snake into your ear and hang out in your brain for a while, typically have lyrics that say something more than "now I'm feeling so fly like a G6." Right. I'm NOT talking about earworms. I'm talking about songs that don't drive you to imagine puncturing your own eardrums. And severing your vocal chords -- why am I singing this awful song? Argh!

Now, I don't think a lyric needs to be profound or perfectly written to be great. There's just something about these lyrics that I love. They speak to my soul. Or they make me smile. Or they make me nostalgic for a time when my life was relatively carefree. Carefree meaning before all of this mama stuff.

"My eyes are green 'cause I eat a lot of vegetables. It don't have nothin' to do with your new friend." ~ "Green Eyes" by Erykah Badu
(I could quote many Erykah Badu songs. She's the epitome of cool.)

"We had a rainy day. I'm in a snake-back situation. Here's a pencil pad. I'm gonna spread some information." ~ "Inspiration Information" by Shuggie Otis
(This entire song has mysterious lyrics that don't make sense -- at least not to me. But my mom loved this song and asked me to type out the lyrics for her Christmas gift one year. Awesome.)

"You cried "Keepin it real", yet you should try keepin it right" ~ "The Bizness" by De La Soul
(Another group I could quote for days. But this one has always stuck out to me. Wisdom, people.)

"Music is the man that made a woman out of me." ~ "Swallow Me" by Esthero
(Esthero has one of my favorite voices -- both literally and figuratively. I discovered her when I was just out of college. Ah, the good ol' days.)

"I'm loaded, don't know where to point this thing. It's a sin, how we hit where it hurts." "War of the Hearts" by Sade
 (Sade is the woman and she loves a good war metaphor, but the phrasing in this is perfection.)

"Why must it be you always creep into my dreams" ~ "Creepin'" by Stevie Wonder
(From 1974's Fulfillingness' First Finale and one of the best Stevie Wonder songs that never became a hit.)

 I could list a million more, but I'll save some for another time. I can't find a few of my favorite CD's and, like the tech-savvy person I am, have never uploaded them onto our computer. So, I'm sure there are songs that I'm forgetting. And I know I have forgotten many great lyrics. Unlike one of my best friends who knows every lyric every created, including the entire superfast intro rap to "Feel For You" by Chaka Khan. I need to record her doing that some time . . .

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  1. love it! I love inspiration information too-random but so euphoric...think I'll put it on right now.